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Monday, June 24, 2013




Contemporary witch Cara Augustine goes international and inter-dimensional, from San Francisco to France to an alternate Eden-like dimension, in this second book of the Synemancer series.

Cara is a fugitive, pursued by the Portalkind police for breaking a major covenant. When she accidently made a werewolf her witch’s familiar, it amounted to enslaving a human. And the punishment is death. On the run for her life, she and her companions stumble into a strange paradise dimension. But they quickly find the dangerous world is filled with strange creatures, deadly and beautiful. And, because she’s quickly learning a Synemancer’s life is never simple.  Cara has to deal with an amorous Nephilim (half-angel half-witch), a dangerously deranged French werewolf, and the darkly handsome Nightkind she just might love. Each powerful supernatural man has his own reasons for wanting to possess Cara, body and soul. But if the Portalkind police catch her, she’ll be in a fight for her life.


Bart straightened from his defensive semi-crouch, still eyeing the Hounds warily. I glanced around the room to see if the orbs were here, but they were nowhere in sight. The mirror chimed and shimmered for the umpteenth time since I’d come into the room. A tall, pale man dressed in black and wearing a black backpack walked into the room. Azrael stood silently on Amelia’s hardwood floor, and by the expression on his beautiful face, he was angry enough to chew spells and spit out hexes.  He quickly scanned the room.   His ice-blue eyes focused on me and I had his full attention.  All Hades was about to break loose.  With two weres, two Hellhounds, and a Nightkind in the room, the situation was about to get bloody.


I asked Mertianna what was her inspiration for writng in this genre, and what inspired this story. this is what she had to say..

What inspired me to write in this genre, and what were my inspirations for this story.

Ever play the childhood game called “walking on the ceiling?”  Maybe you did but didn’t give it that name.  It involves taking a hand mirror, holding it in front of you, pointing it up at the ceiling, and start walking through your house.  It feels like you’re walking on the ceiling. Like the world has turned upside-down and you are in a different place altogether. I know Alice wasn’t the only one fascinated by looking glasses. 

Now fast forward to present day String Theory.  Recent discoveries in physics and astronomy, point to the idea that our universe may be one of many universes populating a grander multiverse. Okay. Let’s go back to playing mirror games.  Take the hand mirror and stand in front of a bigger mirror. Turn your back to the big mirror and look over your shoulder at it using the hand mirror.  You’ll see your reflection multiplied forever. So it seems as if it’s the creation of endless parallel dimensions.

There you have one of my inspirations for writing theSynemancer novels.  I love the idea of alternate realities where anything is possible.  Arthur C. Clarke once said ““Magic's just science that we don't understand yet.”  I’ve always loved that quote.  When you look at all the technological and knowledge advances (genomes anyone?) it would look exactly like magic to someone from the not-too-distant past.

My childhood (and I confess, adult) fascinationwith magic, the paranormal, the supernatural, sciencefiction, and fantasy also inspired me to write my own stories with those elements.  All through school I wrote stories that amused, intrigued, and occasionally horrified my teachers. Many encouraged me to take up creative writing in earnest.  Yet I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to make a living writing stories.  So I put writing on the back burner of the stove of life for a long while.  But I couldn’t give up my fascinations and funneled my interests into reading.  But every time I read a good story, I’d wonder – could I write a story like that?  The urge to create stories, simmering all those years, finally came to a boil and I decided to try to write a book.  That first book was Syn in the City, Book One in the Synemancer series.  This series is a planned trilogy.  And I’m currently working on the last book, tentatively titled Dark Syns. Oh, yes. I have to mention. In the SYN-iverse mirrors are used as portals to other places. Or other dimensions.  Of course.

The future is wide open and so full of interesting things to write about that it’s hard to decide which idea to pick.  But I know I’ll be inspired by something.  And that little “click” I’ll feel when it hits will start another book or series.  Now I think I’ll go find a hand mirror and play for a while.  Anyone want to join me?


Mertianna will be awarding a canvas tote bag printed with the book cover on one side and a saying on the other("Are you a syn-er?"), and filled with goodies plus a $20 Amazon gift card to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour (US ONLY).

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I currently live with my husband and dogs in northern California.  I have a son who attends college in San Francisco. After years of working in the business world while secretly wishing I could be a writer, I finally took a leap of faith and started writing. My first book, SYN IN THE CITY, was published in 2010 and I haven’t looked back since.  Well maybe a few glances in the rearview mirror, just to see if anyone was tailing me, but not many.

Website:  www.mertianna.com

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