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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blog Barrage & Giveaway: The Sky Pirate's Wife (Legends & Lovers #2) by. Allison Merritt

The Sky Pirate's Wife
Allison Merritt 


After a tragic airship wreck, Captain Alwin van Buren makes a drastic decision to obtain a wealthy bride in order to save his flagging business. He meets his match in Sophie Barnes, heiress to an airship empire. After he seduces her and ensures their marriage—igniting a rivalry with her godfather—he learns the green-eyed beauty is as headstrong as he is.

Sophie knows Van Buren's reputation based on a series of dime novels written about his adventures. Determined to be more than an end to a means, she despises him for luring her into marriage. In fiction, he's a no-nonsense captain on the verge of piracy, but the flesh-and-blood man wins her heart by proving she's worth more to him than her money.

Their love is threatened when Sophie learns Van Buren's airship accident was a result of mythical creatures. Winged predators that appear to have a grudge against him, a fact he deliberately hid by accusing her godfather of sabotage. If she can forgive him for that, they still have to face the danger when they're cornered and at the mercy of beasts and the evil that controls them.

Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains adult sexual situations and/or adult language, and may be considered offensive to some readers.

“Come, Sophie. Stand here.”

“Where you are?” She shook her head. “No, I think I'll stay here and watch.”

“I insist. Consider it your first lesson in flying.”

“We'll crash. I'll mess up the instruments,” she warned. “I don't want to be responsible for bringing down an entire airship.”

“I won't let that happen.” He let go of the wheel and captured her hand, pulling her closer. She had no hope of resisting and didn't try very hard. He put his hands on her shoulders, positioning her in front of him. “Left hand at ten o'clock, right hand at two o'clock.”

She did as he asked, feeling awkward and jittery. “Like this?”

“Grip it harder. Firm, but comfortable. It will pull a little when they set us free from the lash lines.” Van Buren placed his hands over hers. His chest brushed against her back.

Sophie's breath caught in her throat. He wouldn't try to kiss her where everyone could see, would he? A spicy bay rum fragrance surrounded him; the scent of a man who spent his life carrying exotic cargo. His hands almost engulfed hers, gentle but firm enough to ensure she wasn't about to flee. As if she could force herself. She tried to toss the thoughts out. Surely he was focused on flight, not on her.

“I don't think this is a good idea,” she whispered.

“You'll be surprised.” He sounded so confident. A rumble started behind them and the ship shook under her feet.

Her heart was in her throat. “What is it?”

“The propellers. You'll get used to it. Now, hold tight.”

She didn't have a choice, because his hands still covered hers. The wheel tipped to one side and he straightened it. The ship groaned and Sophie's heart leaped when she saw the dock slip past them.

“We're moving!”

They floated above a level field where long grass grew. In the distance, two ships were coming in, but no one else was leaving. Alone in the sky, they climbed higher steadily.

He pulled open a drawer beneath the helm and flipped through a logbook. “We chart the weather in this. It helps us figure average temperatures throughout the years. Whoever received the last weather report wrote down sunny for today, overcast tonight. Maybe some rain tomorrow, but nothing more than light showers.”

Sophie looked at the book in his hands. No one held the wheel but her. “Alwin! You let go.”

He grinned. “You're doing fine, zoete. Keep her steady, she's climbing on her own.”

It wasn't the idea of being the only thing that stood between them and another flaming airship wreck that made her tremble. It was his smile. The kind that all women yearned to receive from a handsome man. “You should really take the wheel.”

“My hands are full.” He waved the logbook at her, but replaced it and remained standing beside her. “You're doing very well.”

“Are you certain?” The wind blew her hair and snagged her skirt. The horizon filled her line of sight and she suddenly understood the thrill of piloting a ship. It was like having the same freedom as a bird. She could point the ship in any direction and go wherever she pleased. Nothing had ever made her feel so alive. Except kissing Van Buren. Her head turned his direction like it was on a spring. She covered the sudden movement with a laugh. “I think I'm in love with your ship.”

His eyes darkened from icy gray to the shade of wet concrete. He lowered his mouth to her ear again and put his hand on her back. “Flying is a great deal like making love, Sophie.”

She nearly melted at her name on his lips. “W-why do you say that?”

“It's instinctual. The mind and body work together, creating a moment of beauty. The first time is a little frightening, but once you find the rhythm, the proper technique, you have something very enjoyable on your hands. Something that you feel deep within your soul. Something that you never want to give up. With the right person, the kind of relationship you'd die to protect.”

Sophie couldn't find her voice. She stood stock still, staring straight ahead, too embarrassed to look at her husband. His hand moved up her back, over her shoulder until he cupped her jaw and turned her head so that she was looking at him. Their lips were so close together, she thought he'd kiss her again.

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A life-long love of reading turned Allison Merritt into an indie author who writes historical, paranormal and fantasy romances, often combining the sub-genres. She lives in a small town in the Ozark Mountains with her husband and dogs. When she's not writing or reading, she hikes in national parks and conservation areas.

Connect with Allison Merritt:
The Sky Pirate's Wife (Legends & Lovers #2)
by Allison Merritt

Genre(s): Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance

Category(ies): Adventure, Steampunk

Publisher: Self-Published/Indie

Release Date: February 17, 2012

Heat Level: Steamy

Word Count: 93,000

Buy Links

Amazon (Kindle): AMAZON

Amazon (Print): AMAZON PRINT

B&N: B&N

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Series Spotlight & Giveaway: The Holiday Montana Series by. Carrie Ann Ryan

What is Holiday, Montana?

So what is Holiday, Montana and why do I keep going on and on about it? Well, that's easy, this the name of my new series and the small town where my sexy Cooper brothers live. But it's not just that, not by far.
Holiday, Montana is where make believe is real. Every myth you heard as a child about holidays and the characters that made it fun aren't myths…but real. Santa, the tooth fairy, Cupid, witches, ghosts…they're all real.

But the world doesn't know it.

Holiday is the mecca of holiday paranormals and the Cooper brothers are in the middle of them all. Each Cooper brother will find out that the holidays aren't as boring as they thought they were, no, they're filled with magic.
And What About Those Cooper Brothers?

Oh, this is one of my favorite topics. I love the Cooper brothers. Five sexy, competent men who each have a story to be told. Each of them has a career, an attitude, a personality, and something sexy about them. You'll meet each of them in their own books in the Holiday, Montana series. Plus, they're in each book to make sure you don't forget them.
Ha, like I could ever do that.

I love starting a new series and finding a new family to love—particularly when that family includes five hunky, independent, swoon-worthy men. Uh huh, I'm talking about the Cooper brothers. You'll meet each of these boys—no, men—in my Holiday, Montana series.

But what I really want to do here is let y'all know about the Cooper brothers. These handsome men are as tight a crew as any brethren and only have themselves to depend on. I thought I'd introduce you to them now and you can meet them more in their own books in the Holiday, Montana series.

Matt Cooper is the hero of Charmed Spirits and is the youngest of them all at thirty. He owns the hardware store in town and as a teenager was in love with Jordan Cross—the town witch and outcast. He's loved her all this time, yet he thought he'd long lost that. He's a laid back guy, always there for those who need him. Some may even call him a Beta, but only where it counts. Because believe me, and Jordan, he's Alpha when it's needed. He also has a secret or two, but I'm not telling.

Justin Cooper is school principal and ex-bad boy of the Cooper clan and the hero of my current release, Santa's Executive. He's always been the one that did what he wanted, when he wanted. But after an accident as a teen, he changed gears a bit and now cares more about others than himself. He may just need to meet someone else to help him realize that he's more than just the ex-bad boy and has something more to give than just his time.

Tyler Cooper is the town sheriff and ladies' man as well as the hero of my upcoming Finding Abigail. He may be the love 'em and leave 'em type, but he's up front about it. He's not callous in his attentions, but the ladies that may fall for him knew the score to begin with. Though there may be a woman in town that could change all that, he's sworn to protect the town rather than his heart.

Brayden Cooper is the town mechanic and the quiet one of the family as well as the hero of the upcoming Her Lucky Love. Though he'll laugh and joke with his brothers, no one really knows quite who he is. He is, however, the man who will always be there for anyone. Especially a certain single-mother who is in desperate need of help.

Jackson Cooper is the town dentist and has the worst temper of the bunch and will get his story in Dreams of Ivory. No one really knows why he's so angry, but there has to be a reason. Plus, even though the evidence is mounting in the town that magic exists, it still seems like nonsense to him. Magic can't exist in his opinion, because if it did….things would have been different.

Well, those are my Cooper men. What do y'all think? I hope you guys get a chance to meet these men in their own books. Each book will be coming out for each holiday from now until July. So not only will the magic happen, you'll get to meet the Coopers quickly. I hope you get a chance to read my latest release, FINDING ABIGAIL! Thank you so much!!


Charmed Spirits

Holiday, Montana Book 1
Jordan Cross has returned to Holiday, Montana after eleven long years to clear out her late aunt's house, put it on the market, and figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life. Soon, she finds herself facing the town that turned its back on her because she was different. Because being labeled a witch in a small town didn't earn her many friends...especially when it wasn't a lie.

Matt Cooper has lived in Holiday his whole life. He's perfectly content being a bachelor alongside his four single brothers in a very small town. After all, the only woman he'd ever loved ran out on him without a goodbye. But now Jordan's back and just as bewitching as ever. Can they rekindle their romance with a town set against them?

Warning: Contains an intelligent, sexy witch with an attitude and drop-dead gorgeous man who likes to work with his hands, holds a secret that might scare someone, and really, really, likes table tops for certain activities. Enough said.
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Santa's Executive

Holiday, Montana Book 2
Justin Cooper wasn't always the straight-laced Holiday Elementary School principal. In his youth, he broke all the rules and enjoyed being the bad Cooper brother.  One Christmas Eve night he got a little too rowdy and things changed forever. Now the consequences of that fateful night have come back in full force and the myths of Christmas might be more real than he thought.

Rina Brewer is one of Santa's elves. Not the tiny cute little toy maker, but the sexy, petite, energy filled bombshell kind. She's come to Holiday to aid Justin in his new role as Santa's executive, but as soon as she sees the sexy ex-bad boy, she realizes the job may be more than she bargained for.

As they work together to make this Christmas one to remember, an old foe has come to town to make sure that his holiday is the coldest yet.

Warning: Contains a perky elf who dreams of something more, a Christmas myth who may be a baddie, and a sexy ex-bad boy who craves Christmas cookies…and a certain perky blonde.

Interested to learn more about the characters? Check out the Holiday Montana Character Profile Page. There are character inspirations, special sneak peaks into their lives, and trivia facts!
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Find it On:
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Finding Abigail

Holiday, Montana Book 3 – Coming Feb 5th, 2013
Tyler Cooper is the town sheriff and, in the past, had been the only person keeping Holiday steady. Though the community is now finding out that it's town is magical, Tyler has always known it—it's in his blood.  He has always known his fate of becoming a cupid, striking love into the hearts others, but an enemy from his past is set on keeping him from finding his own destiny—and love.

Abigail Clarke is leaving Holiday for good. She has to. After years of trying to fit in and make Tyler notice her, she's giving up. She's watched her friends fall in love and it's  heartbreaking. Acknowledging that the one man she's always loved doesn't want her,  it's time to move on and find her own future.

Right when the stars align and Tyler opens his eyes, his enemy is back and has his sights on Abigail. Abigail is in danger and Tyler  may be the only one to stand up to him and save her.

Warning: Contains one sexy sheriff who turns into cupid, complete with bow and arrow, the sweetest teacher you'll ever meet who needs to find her bad girl side, and a love of candy hearts that's sure to bring them together.

Her Lucky Love

Holiday, Montana book 4 – Coming  March 5th, 2013
Brayden Cooper has always been lucky. It's in his blood and in the coin that he has hanging on a leather tie around his neck. He has everything in the world he could ever want: money, a job, brothers he loves, and the luck that comes with his powers. Yet he's empty. Everyone but him knows  he loves Allison, yet it's going to take something stronger than luck to bring them together.

Allison Malone is exhausted. After the death of her abusive husband, her hell of a marriage is finally over and now she's alone with her three children that are the center of her world. Long hours at work, plus mommy duty at home are taking its toll on her and that's not the worst of it. Her late husband's family is in town and they want her children.

The outsiders have secrets of their own and it's going to take all of the Coopers, especially Brayden's, help to save them. When trouble attacks, Allison will have to remember that she's also a woman who needs love, and Brayden might be the one to give that to her.

Warning: Contains one sexy mechanic with a lucky streak, a waitress who needs to give into her temptations, and a love so fierce it's bound to set the sheets on fire. Again.

Dreams of Ivory
Holiday, Montana book 5 – Coming July 16th, 2013
Jackson's Story

Interested to learn more about the characters? Check out the Holiday Montana Character Profile Page? There are character inspirations, special sneak peaks into their lives, and trivia facts!


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A little about Carrie Ann:

Carrie Ann Ryan is a bestselling paranormal and contemporary romance author. After spending too much time behind a lab bench, she decided to dive into the romance world and find her werewolf mate - even if it's just in her books. Happy endings are always near - even if you have to get over the challenges of falling in love first.

Carrie Ann's Redwood Pack series is an bestselling series that has made the shifter world even more real to her and has allowed the Dante's Circle and Holiday, Montana series to be born. She's also an avid reader and lover of romance and fiction novels. She loves meeting new authors and new worlds. Any recommendations you have are appreciated. Carrie Ann lives in New England with her husband and two kittens.
Carrie Ann loves hearing from readers. You can find her at:
Website | Facebook  | Goodreads | Twitter: @CarrieAnnRyan