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Saturday, June 29, 2013



Hello My Lovelies,

I have the FANTABULOUS Chasity Breeze here with me today. Chasity is giving us the 411 on her upcoming release Born Of Fireworks. I am totally excited about this edition to her Firehouse Diaries series. Soo... Here is a look at Born Of Fireworks & an exclusive excerpt.


Just out of a bad two year relationship, her paraplegic mother dying of heart failure and her criminal attorney father in prison the past six years for taking bribes, Rheagan Baumy has had enough. With the job she loves in LA offering a chance to move back to her home town of Bennett, Colorado, Rheagan plans to visit her long time best friend, Serafina Torres, who still lives there, for a couple of weeks to get the ball rolling on her move. With the pictures and stories that Sera would email, Rheagan planned to have a hot summer fling with one of her mess of smoking hot firefighter friends she was always talking about. From the looks of these hunks in the pictures, any one of them would serve her purpose. But, when Jake Polanski enters the equation, her plans quickly change to more than just a fling. One look from him and she’s like hot molten lava.

Jake Polanski has been a fireman at Station #12 for the past couple of years and had become good friends with each member of the crew. He’d already been friends with Chance Raeburn since college, along with Sera Torres and McKenna Phelps. He’d had his share of beautiful women, but never anything serious enough to be a steady relationship. He never had the desire to have one either. But once he laid eyes on the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, the desire for something more in his life came crashing down on him like a meteor. Having Rheagan Baumy was all he could think about from the moment he saw her walking toward him in that damned bikini at the Fourth of July celebration at the lake. With the whole crew there gawking at her as if they'd never seen a woman before, Jake's protective and possessive instincts kicked in and he made his move the first chance he had.

Fireworks exploded, both in the night sky and between Jake and Rhea. Their feelings for one another morph into something much bigger than they ever imagined. But, danger lurks nearby and triggers catastrophe. Lives are endangered, including Rhea's. Trapped by flames deep in the woods by the lake in a cave, she fears death and never seeing Jake again. But, when he comes to her rescue only to be trapped by the raging inferno, as well, a misunderstanding throws a monkey wrench into Jake's plan to make her his for good. Under Rhea's misconception that Jake only wanted a good time with her, he flew into an angry rage and unwittingly attacked her.

After realizing his mistake, anguish and shame cover him and when Rhea retreats in fear, all hope of having her in his life is lost.
Will hope find its way back and allow Rhea to forgive Jake? Can Jake forgive himself for hurting the only woman he'd ever loved and only wanted to protect? Would he be able to convince her to stay if he did forgive himself?



Jake sighed as he watched her dancing in the bright moonlight that had fallen over the lake as the last of the painted orange sky faded away, knowing that he was being ridiculous thinking that she was sent to him by fate. He shook his head and chuckled reaching for her wrist.

“Come here, angel.” He growled as he pulled her back against him, making sure she could feel the aching bulge in his shorts. He cupped the back of her head and her neck with his big hands and forced her head back. “I need to taste you, now.” He muttered with a shaky voice as he slid his fingers from their hold on her, untying her bikini top at the edge of her hairline.

Rheagan shivered at his words and gasped as the piece of tiny scrap fell from her C cup globes and Jake stood back to take in the sight of her. “You’re perfect, Rheagan.” He reached out with his right hand to gently cup her left breast from underneath with only his fingers. He examined her in awe, barely caressing her sensitive skin around the pert orb, causing her nipples to harden into little pink pebbles. “I’ve never seen more perfect breasts.”

He smiled crookedly at her when she blushed clear down to where his fingers teased her skin. He leaned toward her and buried his face in her neck, kissing, licking and nipping at her skin. Working his way down her shoulder, his hands found the bottom string of her bikini top and pulled it free from her body, tossing it to the ground and wrapping his arms tightly around her, pulling her in with one hand on her bottom and the other up between her shoulder blades. His lips found hers and his tongue demanded entrance, taking what he wanted and giving all he had.

Rheagan fisted her fingers in his dark hair just on top of his head and moaned, throwing her head back as his lips moved from her lips to her throat and worked their way down skillfully.

Her breathing grew heavier with each nip of his lips trailing down to her perfect breasts, his whiskers enticingly scratching her skin. He took the right one first with his mouth, circling the nipple with his tongue then pulling it into his mouth softly at first as his right hand kneaded her left breast, rolling the nipple with his fingers. Then he suddenly sucked her nipple into his mouth with a hard pull, causing her to scream out from the painful pleasure, simultaneously pinching the other one hard between his fingers.

“Oh fuck!” She cried out with a heavy breath. “Jake, please.” She begged.

He smiled against her skin as he slid his mouth to the other breast, repeating the sweet torture from the first one.

“Aye! Fuck that hurts so good!” She cried as he continued to suck her nipple, distracting her from his hands untying her sarong and letting it pool around her feet.

His right hand slid stealthily across her hip and down her thigh, moving to the inside just above her knee. His fingers began a torturous walk up her shaking thigh toward her little blue thong, covering her almost completely shaved pussy.

A quick intake of air froze her as Jake raised his head and looked into her eyes lustfully, his fingers finding what they were searching for. He stared into her eyes as his forefinger trailed the seam of her thong so softly it drove her mad with want.

Her minty breath was hard on his face as he carefully slid the garment to the side and painfully, slowly drove his fingers through her pussy lips, finding her sopping wet and oh so hot.

“Mmm…anxious, aren’t we?” He murmured huskily as he moved over her wetness gently and explored her pussy from her clit to her anus. She kept her eyes locked on his as hecaressed her so intimately. Neither of them smiled…the only look they had was one of unbearable lust and passion for the other. Such intimacy with a man I just met…I  must be out of my mind.

She ran her tongue over her pert lips, her eyes still locked with his as she began to move up and down, trying to get more, to feel more.

“Mmm.” He let out a throaty growl. “You like that, angel?” He asked huskily. His lips parted as they moved up and down together to the rhythm of his fingers caressing her, not moving inside even a little.

Rheagan’s head fell back and her eyes squeezed shut. “Oh God…Jake p-please.”

Jake added a little pressure as his fingers found their way back to her aching clit and she moaned in a low guttural voice that wasn’t hers. Her legs spread further for him to access her better and she whimpered when he backed her up to a stone pillar and dropped to his knees and lifted her left leg over his shoulder. The stone was cold and smooth, but not slick. Her arms fell behind her, reaching down around it for support.

He watched her as he parted her pussy lips and inspected every little piece of satiny skin first with his eyes, then with his fingers, feeling of her folds as if testing the sensitivity of her throbbing pink skin. He wanted to know where she liked to be touched. He needed her to feel sweet rapture when she came.

“Beautiful, my angel.” He whispered in a throaty voice. “I want you to tell me where you like to be touched…what makes you feel good.” He muttered as he felt his way around her labia.

Rheagan moaned at the sound of his deep masculine voice and the unusual request he’d given her. No man had ever cared to actually ask before.
His fingers moved gently over the bottom of her sensitive valley and she moaned, unable to speak words.

“There?” He asked, watching her intoxicating expression.
She nodded feverishly.

“Good.” He whispered then moved his fingers up through her crevice, dipping them in ever so slightly.

That warranted a cry from her and she arched her back, wanting to take in more of him. “Please, Jake.” She begged.

“Mmm…not yet, sweetheart. I’m just getting to know your sweet spots so I can pleasure you properly.” He moved his fingers a little deeper and up just in front of her G-spot. “How about here?” He asked hungrily.

“Do you like for me to touch you here?”

“Oh God, yes! Yes!” She cried, her anxiety driving her to the edge of madness.

He growled. “Good. Now I have to taste you and make you come, hard.” He said with promise.

He held her open wide and saw her juices dripping from the bottom of her opening. His tongue quickly worked to lap it up, just where she likes it and she jerked, arching her back and nearly falling. Jake steadied her and stood to ease her onto her back. The floor of their little pavilion was soft and sandy. She lay back, her eyes on him, watching as he smiled at her and keeping their eyes locked, he slid down her body and between her legs, spreading them wide with his hands on the inside of her thighs, pressing them down.

She was completely open to him. The breeze blew on her wetness and she shuddered as his tongue raked slowly from just above her anus to her very ready hot pussy, delving inside a bit and moving up to flick her clit. She jerked the moment his hardened tongue flicked her nub and Jake pulled the small veil of skin back, exposing the swollen nub completely for him to torture sweetly. “And, do you like it when I do this, Rheagan?” He asked, pulling it into his mouth and sucking gently.

He smiled up at her as she tried to watch him. “You’re so beautiful, Rheagan.”

His breath on her was so warm and the feel of it nearly sent her over the edge. Anticipation had her begging him to take her and stop this sweet torture. She wanted, needed to come.

“Jake…please!” She cried.

Jake mercifully obliged and sucked her clit into his mouth hard and drove one long finger into her neglected pussy.

Rheagan screamed at the sensation of him sucking so hard on her and driving his thick finger…now two fingers deep into her furiously, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

“That’s it, baby.” He said huskily. “Let go, come for me. Now”

A tingling sensation came over her entire body as she let go and as she arched her back, she could hear the loud boom of the fireworks show beginning and as she looked up into the darkness the colorful explosions filled the air. Her own stars began to explode all around her like the fireworks in the night sky, a delicious whirlpool flooded down from her tummy to her pussy walls and she screamed as the sensations overtook her.

Jake withdrew his fingers and covered her pussy with his mouth, his tongue replacing his fingers. He lapped at her inside and out in a frenzy as her juices flowed, being careful to hit her sweet spots he’d found for her. When he could tell that she was falling back down to earth, he plunged his tongue in deep and sucked on her pussy, taking all he could get of her sweet juices.

Damn, she tastes so fucking good! He couldn’t seem to stop even when she did. He didn’t miss a drop and made certain he didn’t by stroking her long and hard with his entire tongue from bottom to top.

Rheagan couldn’t believe the magnitude of her orgasm. She’d never had one like that before and as Jake’s tongue continued to invade her and he sucked hungrily on her pussy, she felt the swirling of another orgasm coming on.

“Jake!” She cried. “I think I’m gonna come again!”

Jake quickly moved from between her legs and up her silky soft body, kissing and caressing as he went.

“Yes, sweetheart, you are.” He murmured. “And I’m going to come with you.”


I, Chasity Breeze, am what most people would call outgoing and friendly. A social butterfly? Not really, but I do love to collect friends of all kinds. At the same time, I do like my privacy and a lot of it. In the normal world, people see me as a sweet, innocent and never naughty little house wife and mother. But, people who really know me know better.

I am married to the most wonderful and sexiest man alive. Brock and I have been married a few years, but we don’t like to count them. Counting just makes you feel old. We like to think we’re still somewhat close to newlyweds. Dating is one of our favorite things to share. Brock never ceases to amaze me with romantic surprises and secret interludes.

We live just West of Fort Worth in Texas, cattle country. We are excited about our future and many more wonderful, but naughty, years together. Brock and I share a love for erotic books and we have our favorite authors to thank for inspiring me to write about our own adventures. Brock is my strong foundation and keeps me going in the right direction, which is a full time job for him. With him by my side, I feel I can do anything.

I started my writing adventure in October, 2012. My writing is in its infancy and I hope to improve it with time. My love for reading has always had me dreaming of becoming a writer, so, here I am…I’ve written my first short story and working on another.

When I’m not diving deep into writing a book, I am a domestic goddess and the best mom in the world, or so I’ve been told. I love to be with my family, whether it be going on a fun-filled vacation, or just sitting at home, all of us curled on the couch watching movies. I love to be outside in the fresh air, so I sometimes grab my laptop and head somewhere outdoors to work on a book, or I just take my dog for a stroll in the park or down the main street in our small hick Texas town.

“Swingers” is intended to be a series of adventures that Brock and I share with others. However, I will be writing about fictional adventures as well. You’ll just have to guess which ones are fiction and which ones are true life stories. I do hope you enjoyed this book and will read more from me.
Remember…a good book can put a smile on your face. A great book can change your outlook on life.



1 copy of The Firehouse Diaries: Burning Rain

1 copy of FHD: Maximum Heat Wave

1 copy of FHD: Born of Fireworks

1 set of The Firehouse Diaries (All three Entries)

1 copy of Erotic Escapades by Chase Boehner

1 copy of Love Lights: First Sight by Ana B. Ronning

1 copy of Birthday Wishes by Braxton Cole

1 copy of Amber’s Opus by Jason Jaxx

1 copy of Ashley’s Craving by Jason Jaxx

1 pair of Bottle Top Bling “Fireman’s 4” earrings (featured in Born of Fireworks)

1 copy of More Than a Job by Sarah Daltry

1 copy of Trained for Seduction by Mia Downing


Jake Polanski
Rheagan Baumy

Friday, June 28, 2013




The adventure begins…

Max Frazier may be a stunningly handsome international rock star, but he has other hidden talents from his past. Talents the authorities want him to use. Talents Max thought of as one hit wonders and wanted to keep in his past.

His smokin' hot employer, Ashleigh Thomas, is unaware of his past with the S.A.S. Recently widowed, she yearns to bring the entertainment agency she and her late husband owned out of ruins, with Max's help. Together they embark on a once in a lifetime deal for Max.

Will their mutual attraction for the other turn to fire, or will it burn to ashes once Ashleigh learns the truth? As she and Max find themselves helping the authorities bring in a figure from Ashleigh's past…will love trump evil?


I stripped down to the underwear and decided I would give Max a further taste of his own medicine, going back to find him. He was in the kitchen, gathering what he needed to prepare our meal. I quietly entered. I want some shock value on my side.

“Max, sweetheart, I thought you might want to see the rest of what you got me before I changed out of them.” I strutted closer to him as he turned around, leaving him no room to not see me.

Taking all of me in with his chocolate eyes, he twirled me around and then back to face him. As he wrapped his arms around me and fervidly began kissing me, his hands began to wander down to my behind. He pulled the thong to one side and made his way to my wet sex.

“Hmmm, I can see I need to purchase you more of these as you’ve soaked this one.” He pushed me gently against the counter top, facing away from him.


Jamie will be awarding a $25.00 gift card to Amazon or B&N to a randomly drawn commenter at the end of the tour, plus a gift basket to another randomly drawn winner at the end of the tour (US ONLY).
FOLLOW the tour and comment; the more YOU comment, the better YOUR chances of winning. The tour dates can be found here: 


Jamie Salisbury cannot imagine a time when she did not write. A skill that has served her well throughout her diversified professional career that encompassed public relations in and around the entertainment industry, photography, editing, and special event planning.

An avid reader of history, biographies, and romance it's only natural that she prefers to write  romances with characters said to be "so authentic they spring forth from the page and shake the reader's hand." No stranger to life threatening situations Jamie pulls from life experience when she creates her stories. Such as when her family had to escape Chile when she was a teen because of the unstable political climate.

 Finding herself unable to walk great distances  as a result of  several foot surgeries, she started writing once again as a way to pass the time. With the completion of her first novel Perpetual Love she dove head first into the eBook and digital publishing paradigm. She couldn't be happier with her decision to grab the publishing industry by the shoulders and force it to pay attention to all she has to offer.

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