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Thursday, July 30, 2015


 JoAnne Kenrick

Publisher: Fated Desires.
Flame Rating: Three
Setting: North Wales, UK
Genre: Small Town Contemporary Romance
Tropes: Vacation romance, Opposites Attract
Release date: July 21st 2016


Three fiancés in three years makes Zoe Chantilly’s relationship column for the Georgia Times her only semblance of commitment…that is until her dating advice takes a dive down the Suwannee and she’s fired.

Unemployed and single, she leaves the sweltering heat of the south and heads to the UK for a man-free break from life. The plan? Get with nature, write a novel, and be alone. Be very much alone. But nature has other plans for Zoe.

Navigating the back country roads of Wales seems just as complicated as her love life. A near-collision hones her desires in on Dylan Mostyn, a Leo seething with a raw prowess and macho magnetism the Aquarius in her can’t resist.

This Welshman is as arrogant as he is gorgeous. He’s also her landlord. The undeniable and thunderous attraction between them pinnacles during a karaoke duet at the village fete, but what starts as a no-strings fling quickly spirals toward dangerous ground.


 Before the Rain by JoAnne Kenrick
Before the Rain is a great addition to the Tempting Signs Series. I have read each book in this series, and have enjoyed them immensely. This story is the perfect little read to brighten up a rainy day :) I loved the setting, JoAnne's rich description of the Welsh countryside and little details gave you the perfect backdrop to this love story. Her world building is masterful indeed, I could almost believe I was siting right there next to Zoe and Dylan.

Speaking of which, these two were just the cutest thing to read about, these characters stayed with me days after reading about them. Zoe Chantilly is heartbroken and disillusioned after a third failed engagement, and the loss of her job. She's thinking maybe a three month stay in Wales is just what she needs, to get her life back on track and in the right direction. Meeting her new landlord the Oh. So. Hot. And totally distracting Dylan Mostyn was not in her plans. The man is just to handsome and sexy for his own good. Dylan makes Zoe burn hot and cold at the same time. That causes humorous tension and conflict from the very beginning.

Throw in a meddling Aunt that's also a Welsh dragon, A colorful group of secondary characters, And you have the makings of a sweet, sexy, LOL funny story. There is just enough suspense and angst thrown in, to have you on the edge of your seat wanting to know, having to believe that love really does conquer all.

JoAnne has written a FIVE STAR story with a very likeable, believe able, and sometimes frustrating hero and heroine. That's just the way I like them! :) I recommend you pick up Before the Rain, I promise you won't be disappointed, on the contrary,  you will be pleasantly surprised.


Inspiration to Write

By JoAnne Kenrick

Like many romance authors I’ve spoken to, I can say my childhood was spent with my nose in a book or daydreams. My teen years were spent ogling the Brat Pack or swooning over Sweet Dreams paperbacks. In my late teens, I began tapping away at my very fashionable red Brother typewriter penning stories of forbidden romance. And yes, I did submit a short story for a woman’s magazine once; it was politely declined. Looking back, I now understand why. However, at the time, I took it as a “you’re not meant to be a writer” sign and moved on. I could so kick my teen-self.

Books were put aside until I borrowed my mum’s copy of Heaven by Virginia Andrews. I devoured that book and moved on to her other gothic masterpieces. I was hooked on reading again. It was around the time Most Haunted on British TV hit huge. I got heavily involved in the paranormal investigative world…and can say I had my five seconds of fame on Most Haunted. Yes. I’m a TV star. Snort. Several ghost hunts later, and hired as a ghost tour guide, I put my experience, and desire to help others, and to play and wrote some psychic development pieces.

I could officially call myself a published writer after a few of my articles were published in glossy magazines. Seeing my words in print in a magazine wasn’t enough. The writer bug had hit and hit hard. I needed more, and I fancied myself as a Virginia Andrews.

My first novel was rejected several times. No surprise there, as I was naïve and lacked knowledge in the craft, market, and business. Luck had it, a romance writer I admired greatly offered to read my work. Little did I know, she was an editor with a newly established publishing house. The rest, as they say, is history.

Here I am today on Tawania’s awesome blog, celebrating a new release! Now that’s a reason to do the snoopy dance.

I hope you’ll grab my latest read, BEFORE THE RAIN, which is a stand-a-lone set in rural North Wales. A sassy newly unemployed and single Southerner from Atlanta heads to Wales for a man-free break to find her own inspiration to write words…instead, she falls for the rustic charm of the land and her land lord. Trouble ensues.

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More about the author:

About JoAnne Kenrick

JoAnne Kenrick is a multi-published author who writes both contemporaries and paranormals. She was born and raised in a wee seaside town in North Wales, and has traveled far and wide. In true Brit form, she is a teaholic.
She now lives in North Carolina with her very own British hero, where she creates ever afters with a backdrop of those wonderful places she's visited.

For more about JoAnne and her books, please visit her website: www.joannekenrick.com

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Gillian Cherry
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Layla Wilcox
My husband is a photographer. He buys me flowers often. Before we were married, we had a fight. He showed up at my door with tulips wrapped in a photo of the flowers he had taken earlier. That way I got to keep the flowers (and him) forever.

J. C. Valentine
The sweetest gift I ever received was my first Mother's Day present-- my son. He was born on Mother's Day, so every few years, we get to share the day.

Jo Raven
When we were about to get married, years ago, my husband knew I don't wear rings. He does wear a golden earring, so he bought me one the same, instead of a wedding ring. Now we both wear our matching earrings... heart emoticon

Pavarti K. Tyler
My husband got me an antique typewriter for our 5 year anniversary. It was heavy as hell and he lugged it from Vermont to surprise me.

Daizie Draper
My husband is my best gift ever! But the most random, sweetest gift I've ever gotten was in college when I was taking this marketing class. I had a group project due with an invented product or service and had to give a half hour presentation. My group consisted of me and two football players who never came to class. Well, I was really upset I had to shoulder this whole thing by myself because I'm shy as it is and not the best public speaker, and I was stressing out about it in my painting class. The Running Back took painting with me. He was super popular because he was amazing on the field and didn't know me from Eve, but he felt so bad for me, he spent three days during my 2-hour class helping me make my visual aids. Sooo unbelievably sweet and unforgettable!

Mira Bailee
After my husband and I went through an intense rough patch, he surprised me with a brand new laptop and told me, "This is only for your writing. I want you to get to finish your books." Fast forward to now, and I've published a complete series, have started on several more, and have tons of ideas waiting. Sounds romantic to me...wink emoticon

J.C. Andrijeski
When I first got to India I was terrified out of my friggin' mind (I moved there pretty impulsively after leaving my corporate job to just write for a few years). I was also horribly sick when I left and by the time I got to Dharamasala in the Himalayas, extremely jetlagged after about 36 hours of travel. All I had was the name of a hotel run by this nice family from Kasmir. Well, I got there and basically passed out. Like 10 hours later I woke up feeling terrible and wandered upstairs, dehydrated and shaky and pale, and this whole family surrounded me, horrified and worried about me. Something about the kindness of total strangers, you know? Especially when they don't speak your language, lol. They handed me water bottles, the mother cooked me dinner in their kitchen (the restaurant was long closed it was like 11pm at night and they'd been hanging out watching a movie) and basically they plopped me in front of the television and clucked over me and all but tucked me in after I was full. It made for a really nice landing in India and a lot of my fear vanished after that. smile emoticon

Alison Foster
After a very difficult trip overseas, I came back to find a spotless house and my bed covered in presents of all kinds—my husband’s way of welcoming me home.

Sarah M. Cradit
My best friend Shawn often sends me care packages from Louisiana, as a way of making me feel closer to New Orleans and the bayou (my favorite place, and where my book series is set).

Molly McClain
Aside from all the cute cards and things my kids make me, the one thing that jumps out as being super sweet was the gorgeous journal my mom bought me for Christmas this past year. I cried (for real) because it felt like my family finally "got" that I'm a writer and this is my thing now.

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