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Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's Thursday... What are you reading?

Hi All!

Well it's Thursday again, and you know what time it is. I want to know what everyone is reading this week. I've been buying books like crazy, and I have picked up a few free reads & ARCs. I have been doing some reading, but not as much as I would like. I've noticed that I have been really distracted lately, and books that should have taken me a day, two tops have been taking me 4 or 5 days to read. Hopefully I can get back into my groove, and get my reviews posted sooner then I am now. Anyway..

This Is what I'm reading this week...

HellfireHellFire by. Kate Douglas

From the back of the book...

A new, more dangerous vortex has opened in the besieged Earth and the innocent souls of animals are being invaded by the malevolent strength of a powerful demon. For Ginny Jones, there can be no greater wrong - and to make it right, she joins forces with the Lemurian, Alton, a hard-bodied hero not of her world. Under a black moon, pitched battles for the survival of all that is good will be fought once more. The heat of their sensual passion emboldens the two warriors...but such passion may well betray them...Yet Alton is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice - life itself - for the human woman he loves. But time is fast running out...and time, like fire, devours all...

I really enjoyed DemonFire, I know HellFire will be just as good.

I am also reading...

Entwined (Eternal Guardians)Entwined by. Elisabeth Naughton

From the back of the book....

Forces of daemons are gathering and have broken through the barriers of the Underworld. Now more than ever the Eternal Guardians are needed to protect both their own realm and the human world. Zander can-t afford to think about what might have been with the bewitching physician he once regarded as his soul mate. But with eternity stretching out before him, he also can-t fathom spending his life without the one woman who makes him feel most alive. Perhaps he-s found his weakness, after all.

I definitely enjoyed Marked, I know Entwined will not disappoint.

That's my rundown....

What Are You Reading?


  1. I'm reading "Backstage Pass" by Olivia Cunning. HOT!

  2. I'm working on anthologies for my blog this month so I'm currently working on Bespelling Jane Austen. Not an Austen fan but I loved the paranormal meets Jane Austen concept so much and so far the two stories I finished were 5 stars. Loved 'em. I'm also reading Strange Brew which has a bunch of UF/PNR authors but isn't really woohoo-ing me.


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