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Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's Thursday.... What are you reading?

Wow.. This week is flying by, it feels like it was just the weekend. My week went really well.. I bought some new books, their was some great releases, and I got goodies in the mail. Now, wouldn't you call that a good week?
Soo... I'm reading Pride Mates by. Jennifer Ashley Pride Mates (Shifters Unbound) It's the first book in her Shifters Unbound series.

From the back of the book...

To most, they are animals-- even when in human form. They are to be collard and kept on the fringes of society, scorned because they are feared, hated for their extraordinary powers. And DA Kim Fraser has to go right into the heart of their lair.

It's her job to defend those in need. But there's absolutely nothing defenseless about Liam Morrissey. His soft Irish lilt and feline grace can't disguise his sheer strength. Nor can the silver chain at his throat, designed to control the aggression of his kind, completely reassure her that this man has been tamed.

Yet when a feral shifter begins to stalk them both, Liam is the only one she trusts with her life. She'll let him claim her -- for her protection, for her pride, and for a passion that knows no bound.

Now doesn't that sound like a good read? I will let y'all know how good it is when I finish reading it. I am currently on page 36. OK, so now that you know what I'm reading... What are you Reading??

The Goods!

These are the goodies I got in my mailbox this week...

I got a box of goodies from Michelle Bardsley, I won them on a writer's space contest(You really do win if you sign up) Here are some of the things in my box..
My personal favorite is The Emergency Chocolate

I also received these awesome titles from winning at BBB

Nice, Right?

Last but not least.. I got some delicious flavored coffee from Rom Con
Now wouldn't you say all that equals up to a good week?
Sorry about the poor picture quality,  I was using my daughter's phone.

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Happy Reading!

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  1. Chocolate, coffee AND books? Now that's a good week =)
    I just finished up The Dark Divine and I'm about to jump into Some Kind of Normal by Heidi Willis. It's not paranormal or even romance, but it sounds like a good story so I'm in!
    I notice you got Tempest Rising...I have that one but haven't read it yet, can't keep up with all my books lol!


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