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Monday, April 26, 2010

Guest Reviewer Heidi Charamie's Weekly Review... This week Heidi reviews Harlan Coben's thriller Caught.

Heidi Cheramie

Caught Review

Author-Harlan Coben

Publisher-Dutton/Penguin Group



Wendy Tynes is the reporter of a sting show called Caught In The Act that identifies and shames sexual predators.

Dan Mercer is a social worker who works with troubled teens that becomes Wendy’s next target.

Haley McWard is a seventeen year old good girl. The pride of her New Jersey family, captain of her high school lacrosse team and excellent student. Her mother goes to her room to wake her one morning and Haley’s bed has not been slept in. Haley has vanished.

Harlan Coben’s newest thriller, Caught is skillfully plotted. The many twists and turns keeps the reader riveted and often shocked. You won’t figure this one out until the very end.

But it is the wonderful characters-real, everyday normal people that deal with horrifying events that make this book special. We, the readers could be these people. Realistically we could find ourselves in situations that could turn our life from normal to torturous in a split second.

Harlon Coben writes a fast paced, dialogue driven story that wrenches your gut. One moment you believe in a character, the next moment you doubt him or her.

A special treat for hard core Coben fans are the several brief appearances of the super cool Winn. Winn is Harlan’s favorite detective, Myron Bolitar’s enigmatic, billionaire best friend. For me Winn provided a few moments of fun, light energy in an otherwise dark thriller.

This book’s main theme is forgiveness. Should we or shouldn’t we forgive terrible wrongs?? Read Caught and you decide? I give this book a strong 4 1/2. Enjoy and Happy Reading!

Thanks for that fantastic review, Heidi!

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