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Sunday, September 8, 2013




What does a young woman do when she finds herself trapped in an abusive relationship with a vampire? She runs straight into the arms of another vampire family!

Erica knows she needs to leave her abusive, alcoholic, vampire husband. But just how does one go about doing that? It’s not like she can go to the police and state; “I need a restraining order for my vampire husband!”

She has befriended a guy at college, and not seeing any other choice, asks him for help. Little does she know she is running away from one vampire, and straight into the arms of another!

Kevin O’Rourke is the leader of the VCTF (Vampire Crime Task Force). The only reason he sits in college classes half the day is because his team has been called in to make a major drug bust. When he sees the bruises on Erica, he knows she is in trouble. A little investigation reveals Erica is married to one of his own that has gone rogue. When she finally agrees to leave him, Kevin is quick to offer her shelter at his family’s home. The only problem is Erica doesn’t know what he and his family are. And she doesn’t know she is his mate. Hmmmm……


They were sitting on the couch in his living room.  The television was on, and they were watching a movie.  A bottle of wine sat on the coffee table in front of them.  “Would you like some wine?” He asked solicitously, as he reached over and poured a bit of the dark red liquid into two glasses.  Out of habit, he sniffed the contents, just to be assured it was pure wine they were drinking, and not a blood mixture.
“Are you trying to get me drunk?” She asked softly, as she glanced up at him through her lashes.
Not necessarily drunk, but loosened up couldn’t hurt.  “Would it help?” He whispered seductively in her ear.
He watched as she closed her eyes and a light shiver went up her spine.  He leaned towards her, placing a gentle kiss on the side of her neck.  A slight “mmmm” vibrated up from deep within her throat.
He let his tongue swirl around the spot he had just kissed, as he listened to her heart beat pick up in intensity.  She turned her head in his direction, as he lightly nibbled his way to her lips.  When he reached his destination, he started their kiss tenderly, seducing her with his lips as he went.  He waited until she was comfortable enough to wrap her arms around his neck and pull him tighter against her, and then he picked up the intensity.
 “Oh God Kevin, I want you, but I….” She started, as she grabbed both sides of his head, forcing it upwards.
 “Shhh, baby, I am not going to hurt you.  I won’t do anything you don’t want to do.  You are in control tonight.  Just tell me to stop, and I won’t go any further.” His words came out as a seductive whisper as he trailed kisses down her cheek.  Yes, he was well aware of her cautiousness, but he was also a man on a mission. 
He waited, allowing her to relax in his arms again.  He didn’t need to wait long.  As he continued running his fingers lightly through her hair and across her forehead, she seemed to melt into him.   “That’s it, sweetheart, just relax and enjoy.  I’ll always take care of you.”
 After a moment she turned her head openly seeking his lips for a kiss.  He complied, kissing her softly as he moved her so that they were both reclining on the couch, bodies pressed against one another.   He enjoyed the feel of her breasts being pushed up tight against his chest.  His rock hard cock nestled firmly between her thighs.  He stroked her cheek, as he kissed her lips tenderly, enjoying the wonderful sensations of just being able to kiss her, to hold her.
He reached over to the coffee table and picked up her glass of wine.  Bringing it to her lips, he stated, “Take a sip.  I want to taste the wine on your lips.”
She quickly complied, taking two swallows.  His lips were replacing the wine glass almost before it could be moved out of the way.  She tasted decadent.  She tasted divine.
As he kept her busy kissing her, he allowed his hands to explore her perfect body.  When he moved his hand up under her nightshirt, he felt her belly muscles clench.  He went slowly, allowing her the time to get accustomed to his touch before continuing.  He slowly climbed upward, until he reached the underside of her breasts.  Each filled one of his hands, and he marveled at their weight.  His thumb slowly stroked over her nipple.
  Because he was controlling all aspects of this dream, he had the luxury of paying attention to more than one body part at a time.  In dreamland, the fact that his hands were tied up playing with her breasts didn’t stop him from adding an imaginary set of fingers slowly trailing up her leg until they reached her mound.  Sifting through the curls, they worked their way down until they found her clit.  
She stiffened, her breath caught in her throat.  Instinctively she attempted to clamp her legs shut.
“Baby, I promised you I wasn’t going to hurt you.  Open back up baby.  You’re going to like this, I promise.”
The look of confusion was clearly on her face.  “I don’t know…” she stopped there, unable to speak because Kevin’s tongue had snaked back into her mouth, exploring every crevice he could find.
After another minute or two, her legs seemed to open up of their own accord.  Kevin grinned.  Her subconscious might still have reservations, but it seemed her body was going to override it. His hands were still busy playing with her pretty breasts, so he added an imaginary tongue into the dream. 
Controlling the tongue; he had it gently touch her clit.  She jumped, but immediately relaxed back into his kiss.  He had the tongue sweep downward, wiggling it in her little hole.  She opened for him even more, as her need to climax began to override all else. 
He took the tongue back up to her clit, starting with little wiggles in a side to side motion.  It didn’t take long.  Within a minute her breathing picked up as she opened her legs completely, using her feet to brace up against the bed to push her little clit harder into the imaginary tongue that was doing such a fine job of bringing her to the brink of release.
Knowing she was close, Kevin released her lips and traveled his way downward, stopping when he took one of her nipples into his mouth.  He sucked the swollen tip into his mouth, laving the underside with his tongue.  She exploded.  
Even in her sleep, her body reacted to her orgasm.  He could smell the cream being released from her body.  Her head was thrown back against her pillow, feet still braced on the bed for traction; her ass raised up in the air.  Kevin eased up with the touch of the tongue, just giving her gentle licks as she came down off her orgasmic high.


A Peek Into Who Alice Brown Is:

I am a retired military wife and homeschool mom. My husband retired recently after serving twenty-one years in the military, and is now home full time. I graduated our daughter from high school last May.

It was about three years ago that my daughter started urging me to write. “You have a great imagination for storytelling!” She insisted. I didn’t think so, but decided to give it a try. We spent many hours sitting at our local Wendy’s brainstorming the storyline for my books. And while she insists I have such a great imagination, she is the one that has given me so many fantastic ideas to incorporate in my books.

My books have become a family affair. My husband runs my website; I would have never been able to set it up and have it running smoothly. My daughter helps me keep up with emails, and keeps track of facebook and the website while I am writing. The fact that the family is involved in this endeavor makes it just that much more fun for me to write. We can be often found sitting around the table tossing around ideas for stories, or how a story can be improved. 

When not writing, I love to read, and play games with the family. Friday night is family game night. I make homemade pizza and we play cards, board games, or WII tennis and bowling. I have broken at least ten WII tennis rackets from hitting the ceiling fan or furniture. I have even come close to hitting my own daughter!  And while she might not think it is very amusing to dodge mom's racket, still loves to sit on the couch and watch mom and dad at war.


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