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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday's featured poem...Reflections on Life.by.T.K. Varenko

Reflections on Life

Life is an everlasting battle

People are forced to lead since birth.

And every choice is but fatal

As it entails a change of course.

One of the ancient Chinese curses

Is living at the times of change

As it is when chaos immerses

All the affected in its rage.

No one can tell what morrow’s bringing

With nature venging for neglect,

With people rotting in the sinning

Preferred to virtue and respect,

With profit being a sole reason

For their actions, their lives.

Decoy is what is in this season.

Money’s the God in times of lies.

How can humanity have yielded

To so much filth and so much hate,

Become so roistering and gilded,

Abusive of the smiles of fate?

~T.K. Varenko~

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