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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Is Poem Day! Raccoons by. T.K. Varenko


Raccoons are very lovely creatures,

Cute little rascals to be just,

Misleading you with their features

Of sweetness worthy of your trust.

Tramps as they are, they are deceiving

And can’t refrain themselves from crime

Preferring above all food stealing,

Yet other stuff may do just fine.

By night time sneaking in your house

And feeling perfectly at ease

Causing a chaos to arouse

They clearly intend to please.

When caught at the crime scene red-handed

They always have the nerve to stay

And face you there undefended

Calling for pity all the way.

These charming fluffy little bandits

Are very skillfully disguised

To get away with their habits

Whenever they are jeopardized.

With manicured tiny fingers

They always must lay hands on all

While their gaze forever lingers

Watchful for danger to befall,

And their mask-shaped coloration

That outlines smart beady eyes

Is a distinct manifestation

Of how sly they are in lies.

~T.K. Varenko~

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