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Monday, August 2, 2010

Review: Wolf's Obsession by. Charisma Knight

Wolf's Obsession
Author: Charisma Knight

The Blurb:

The man with the dangerous eyes mesmerized her. Starr noticed him moments before stepping upon the stage, although she pretended not to. She loved dancing, and put on an especially seductive show for him, since he had paid her a visit the evening before.


This was a free story that was sent to me, and a very good read.

Thorne Cloudfeather is a werewolf on a quest for his mate. He sensed her from his hometown in New Orleans, and now that he's found her Thorne is determined not to let her get away. She is human, and she was having an effect on him. Thorne couldn't understand why it was so strong when he had never laid eyes on her before. Thorne, the Alpha of his clan the leader, he was in this town for one reason and one reason only to claim his mate, and return home to New Orleans. The Werewolf clan is dying out, in New Orleans, werewolves and vampires live secretly among humans. There is a unsteady truce between the werewolf clan and the vampire clans while Thorne tries to rebuild his race.

Starr, her real name is Melanie is excited to see the mysterious man again. She doesn't know what it is about him, but she feels a bond with him. Melanie dances only for him, she is attracted only to him, when he ask her to leave with him, she doesn't understand why she feels compelled to go with him. Then she is stopped by a another mysterious man whispering in her mind, taking her over. Melanie needs Thorne to rescue her, and he does. When Melanie's father enters into the picture, her secrets are revealed to Thorne. Will Thorne be strong enough to accept the truth about his mate, or will he walk away from the most important thing in his life.

Like I stated above this was a short free story, and I really liked it. The author brought a new element into the werewolf origins. It was different but believable. I also liked the characters, and appreciated the Native American back ground of the hero, and the African American back ground of the heroine. It was different and interesting. The story was interesting from beginning to end, and I was eager to find out how it all played out. The sex scenes were hot and explicit, and I was continually fanning myself while reading them. The secondary characters were interesting as well, and I loved the sci-fi twist.

If you are looking for a short hot read that will have you wanting more, then I suggest you pick up this book.

***3 1/2Stars

Published By: Night Owl Reviews

Word Count: 33,500
Heat Index
Categories: Vampires/Werewolves Paranormal/Horror Free Reads
Available in: Epub
Price: $0.00

Excerpt :(Taken from all romance website)

Thorne Cloudfeather returned to Club Ravenous a second evening in a row, eager to see “her.” This town, nothing like his New Orleans disgusted him completely. A certain “aura” hung over the city like a dark cloud. Thorne was here for one reason, and one reason only, to claim his mate and return to his precious New Orleans.

As he strolled into the club, human scent and sex tainted his nostrils. As he confidently walked through the crowd, he exuded the appearance of a predator. His demeanor was that of a leader, laced with a hint of danger. Women shot appreciative glances at him, hoping to land him as one of their clients for the evening.

She was human, so hard to believe a mere human woman could entice him in this manner, especially never having laid eyes upon her. She was here, his instincts led him to this town, and her scent led him to this club.

Thorne found a vacant seat at the end of the bar, and sat down. Ordering a scotch, he scanned the room for “others” of his kind. Oddly enough, neither werewolf nor vampire lurked within, although he had sensed a few vampires in another part of the town.

In New Orleans, werewolves and vampires thrived, secretly among the humans. Thorne planned to maintain peace with the bloodsuckers, until his clan, The Black Claws recovered from the brink of extinction. Thorne planned to run the vamps from New Orleans. He did not care where they went, as long as every one of them evacuated New Orleans. Apparently, this town was crawling with the vile fiends as well.

The view was excellent, his stomach churned with anticipation of seeing “her” again. The evening before, she was actually entertaining a couple. It was hard for him to leave her, especially with those horny young human males. Tonight would be different; he would have her in his bed before daylight approached.

The music ended, and the lights dimmed. The bartender sat several large white pillar candles along the edge of the stage, lighting them with a cigarette lighter. “She” was going to dance next. Every muscle in Thorne’s body tensed, and the very site of her caused his cock to swell! She was beautiful – wearing a black leather bikini adorned with studs and chains. Breathless, Thorne imagined her riding him with nothing except her thigh high leather stiletto boots.

The girl seductively gyrated to “It’s a Man’s World.” She was awesome, athletic, and the acrobatics she performed on that pole caused his cock to twitch with anticipation. Mesmerized, Thorne’s eyes scanned every luscious inch of her body. Inhaling her womanly scent caused precum to form on the head of his engorged cock. A low growl formed within his throat as he shifted in his stool.

No woman had ever held such control over him as the woman who dominated the stage at this particular moment. No one managed to hold his attention for this long, not the way she had. Scanning her entire body again, he searched for the shred of proof that would bond her to him for the rest of their lives.

Three women approached Thorne, hoping they would obtain the chance of retaining him as a client. The name of the game was persuading clients to the champagne room. Politely dismissing them, only one decided to push her luck.

“I possess no interest in you; however I do not mind giving you a tip.” Thorne confessed dryly. “Please leave me alone and be on your way.”

“You don’t know what you’re missing out on honey!” The woman said.

“I’m waiting for her.” Thorne insisted, gesturing toward the stage, handing the scorned dancer a five-dollar bill.

“Ok darling, suit yourself. You can put it in my g-string.” The dancer turned her bottom towards Thorne, trying to entice him.

“I would advise you to take it or leave it.” Thorne growled a warning, as he was not a man of patience and did not take kindly to repeating himself.

Sensing the danger in his voice, the girl turned, snatching the bill, heeding Thorne’s warning, but not before rolling her eyes at his rejection of her.

Exhaling sharply, Thorne directed his attention to “her” again. He was successful in capturing the woman’s attention. Her voluptuous, statuesque figure glistened with moisture. As her eyes held his, she seductively released her full breasts from the bikini top, causing Thorne to moan with want. His jaw clenched as he gripped the glass of scotch in his right hand, trying not to shatter it.

Glancing around the bar, Thorne noticed others watching, waiting to buy her a drink. Beckoning the bartender, Thorne purchased a $1,000.00 champagne bottle.

“You have exceptional taste, my friend, the bartender grinned. Starr is one of our finest women. Hey, weren’t you in here last night?”

“Yeah,” Thorne replied. She was busy with a couple of her best clients, I would assume. Give me another scotch please, make it a double.”

“You’ve got it man! I’m Randy, let me know if you need anything else tonight” The bartender happily obliged, since Thorne was a great tipper.

The man with the dangerous eyes mesmerized her. Starr noticed him moments before stepping upon the stage, although she pretended not to. She loved dancing, but put on an especially seductive show for him, since he had paid her a visit the evening before. She tried in vain to break free from her customers; the couple she entertained often. This awesome stranger waited for her until the bar closed. Unfortunately, her customers bought her out when the bar closed. She could have sworn the handsome stranger was angry. For some strange reason, she knew he would return.

He spoke to her with his eyes, almost controlling her. Dressed in a black short-sleeved shirt, the man possessed expensive tribal tattoos and a wolf’s head on a medicine shield around his left bicep. His features were sharp, exquisite, as though chiseled from marble. His high cheekbones and hooked nose proudly announced his Native American heritage. He was completely bald and clean-shaven, with the exception of a small patch of hair along the cleft of his chin. His ears and nose were pierced with small golden hoops, and his large fingers sported gold bands, displaying exquisite tribal designs.

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