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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday is Poem Day!: The Cloak of Distance..by. John Cogan

The featured poem for this week is very special to me, It was written by my very good friend John Cogan. I asked John for something special for my blog this week, and he didn't dissappoint. Thank you John, for your beautiful words that always put a smile on my face.

The Cloak of Distance

The textured cloak of distance lies soft and gentle on my skin;

Instead of keeping us apart, indeed, it brings me in

Much closer than, perhaps, I would have usually come;

I think that it is owing to the fact that we are one

And distance doesn’t count among such lovers as we are.

The morning breeze comes off the sea and whispers love afar;

And with each tide I am beside the Twin Flame of my Heart

Who knows and holds within the soul the lovers’ only art.

‘Tis adoration, don’t you know; a secret lovers guard

And hide from all but those who feel and touch and live life hard.

My dove of peace, I send release in hopes that one day soon

We’ll walk the beaches of our Light ‘neath Love’s own radiant moon.

The scent of Jasmine carries far and wide across the sea;

And on its fragrance, light and airy comes your love to me.

And with the wings of morning’s light I send my love to you;

Dawn’s breathless sighs and waking eyes are washed with Love’s sweet dew.

For now, the cloak’s a silhouette, an empty, vacant form;

Its hood hangs limp, no need to primp, it’s drained of all its charm.

But soon ‘twill dance and catch the wind; ‘twill leap with joy and glee,

For then the cloak will harbor two and shelter you and me.

© John Cogan 2010


  1. It seems quite lyrical; and I like the "cloak of distance" metaphor.

  2. As always and ever, John, your poetry is a work of love and art and a joy to read. :)

  3. Do I know this person? Very touching, peaceful.


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