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Monday, June 21, 2010

Review: Star Raiders... By. Elysa Hendricks

Heidi Cheramie
Star Raiders Review

Star Raiders


I like futuristic novels. Farscape, Battlestar Galactica, and Torchwood are my favorite T.V. shows. So I was drawn to this book after reading the back cover. This is Elysa Hendricks second futuristic and I will definitely read her first book.

Star Raiders is the story of Shyanne Kedar and Greyson Dane. They were lovers ten years ago before Greyson betrayed her. Greyson is a law enforcer who was an undercover agent for the Earth Leagues Anti Smuggling/Piracy Bureau (ASP). He captured Shyanne’s smuggler father after using her to get to him. Shyanne escaped and has taken over her fathers smuggling operation.

Ten years later Greyson leaves his desk job to go undercover again. This time his plan must succeed to save humanity but he will have to betray Shyanne again and lose the only woman he has ever loved. Greyson is an interstellar lawman who sees things in black and white. He believes in the Consortium and control and order. I liked him more as he begins to loosen up later in the book and becomes more flexible. Shyanne is a tough leader of a ragtag crew but is sensitive with a kind heart.

Shyanne’s crew captures Greyson but he offers them a deal. They will be pardoned for their crimes if they assist him in catching Simon Dempster, a man who also wants Shyanne. Dempster is an interesting and quite evil villain. Greyson’s deal is not as upfront as Shyanne believes but she has a few secrets of her own.

I really enjoyed that almost all the action in this book takes place on a spaceship and there are many exciting, space battles. The romance is smoldering and the history between the characters makes the relationship more interesting.

Elysa Hendricks has several very intriguing secondary characters and I hope we will see them in later books. I especially hope a book is written about ‘s Greyson’s friend, Carter and Shyanne’s adopted brother, Dane. There are some great aliens in the book including a crew member called Silky who is a giant cat.

This is a fun read with several plot twists and exciting battles and sexy love scenes. Something for everyone! I give it 4 stars. Happy Reading!

Product Details
Author: Elysa Hendricks
Mass Market Paperback: 286 pages
Publisher: Love Spell; Original edition (March 30, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0505528185
ISBN-13: 978-0505528186
Product Dimensions: 6.7 x 4.1 x 0.9 inches


  1. That looks like a good one! But you made me miss BSG....

  2. Thanks so much for the great review! Shyanne and Greyson are two of my favorite people. I've started Damon's and Silky's stories, but it's a long way from being finished.
    Elysa Hendricks


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