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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Follower Appreciation Giveaway Winners! And the winners are...

First I just want to say thank you to all of my followers. I love doing this blog, and all of you make it worth while for me. I went from 35 followers to 71 followers, and that's amazing to me. I had a lot of fun putting this giveaway together, and I can't wait to do a bigger and better one sometime soon.

So without further ado... Here are the winners of my first follower appreciation giveaway!

And the winners are.... (Insert Drum Roll)

International Winner of... A gift bag full of swag, and a book of their choice up to $10 from the book depository is.....

Miss Bohemia ~ Who said.... You know I love your blog & book choices :-)

Great giveaway & I'm so glad it's international yay!

US or Canadian winner of.... 2 books of their choice up to $10 a piece from Amazon or the Book Depository is.....

Melissa (yabookshelf) ~ Who said.... Great contest! I'm a Canadian follower (#47).

US or Canadian winner of.... A bag of swag & a book of their choice up to $10 from Amazon or the Book Depository is.....

mbreakfield ~ Who said.... Great giveaway. I enjoy swag almost as much as the actual books. I have a special fondness for tote bags, pens, and note pads. I'm weird like that.

Congratulations to the winners!!! I will be emailing you soon to work out the details.

Thanks to everyone who participated!!

I will definitely be holding another giveaway soon. See ya around the blogosphere :))


  1. Thanks so much Tawania :-)
    I'm so glad I won & I can't wait for the swag & to choose the books!


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