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Sunday, April 26, 2015


Title: SINDER – Experimentation
Author’s name: Jane Devreaux
Printed version pages: 276
Genre: New Adult


A rumor can make you popular and it can make you dangerous. A rumor can change everything.
Her black, too large eyes with too much makeup have already made shudder more than one. It has been said that her parents are in jail; that she beat up to death a guy who dared to make fun of her name. She is Sandre River.
He’s the handsome popular football player. The one going out with the gorgeous and too prude Marcy Shepard; the one who has all girls drooling over him. He is Josh Anderson.
Sandre will never admit she likes him.
Josh will never admit his hormones are boiling.
A single provocation from Sandre will be enough to turn their lives upside down. “You want my advice? Get yourself a girl, whichever one, empty your balls, and turn your brain back on.”

Who would have imagined that those words could lead to an incredible love story?


Let me start off by saying this book was nothing I expected, and everything I could want in a book. Jane Devreaux is a new to me author, but I love her writing style. She made me care about these characters, and wrote a book that was hard to put down. I got mad every time someone called out to me or did anything to distract me from finishing Sinder. I finished it in one day, and was mad every time I had to put it down. I know my kids thought I was crazy.

Sandre is a seventeen year old high school student and a outcast. She likes being the outcast, and has purposely portrayed herself that way for her own reason. Josh is the star football player, the popular guy in school with the perfect catholic girlfriend. He never payed any attention to Sandre until their teacher partners them for an assignment. Josh is Leary of Sandre at first, he doesn't know if the rumors about her are true, but as he gets to know her, he starts to recognize the real her and everything changes. Sandre has had a crush on Josh since she first laid eyes on him, but never thought anything would EVER come of it. She definitely wasn't his type, and he seemed to be totally in love with his perfect girlfriend. She thought they would just work on the assignment and that would be the end of their interaction. After their first study session Sandre recognize something that Josh desperately needs that his girlfriend is unwilling to give, and makes a decision to give him what he needs, no strings, no emotion, no attachment, just physical release for both of them. What starts out as just a friends with benefits arrangement turns into so much more for both of them. They begin a journey of discovery with each other that's unexpected and turns into an obsession for both of them.

This story was emotional and unexpected. I felt so many things and the revelations about both characters that the author slowly reveals will leave you with your mouth hanging open, and wondering what's next. The closer I kept getting to the end of the book the more agitated I got because I didn't want it to end. As soon as I finished I went directly to Jane Devreaux's Amazon page to see if the sequel was available. I can't tell you how heartbreaking it was to find that the next installment was only available in FRENCH! Talk about HURT feelings. I'm in serious withdrawals over this book, and I can't begin to describe how hard it will be to wait until the sequel is translated in English. I'm not sorry I read Sinder 1: Experimentation, not by a long shot. I loved this book, but I will say if I had known how it was going to end I definitely would have waited until I had the next book before I read it. This waiting is going to kill me. I seriously recommend this book to anyone who likes the New Adult genre with heat. Or anyone who loves a good coming of age story with lots of angst and emotion.

I received this book by the author in return for a honest review. My opinions are my own.

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