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Friday, October 18, 2013




“Blinding Obsession” is the fourth entry of “The Firehouse Diaries”. If you’ve read the others, you know a little about Chris Patterson, but, not enough to alleviate the shock of learning his lifestyle.

Chris is one that loves to be in control…both of his lovers and of his raging desires. That’s right. He is a Dom. One who has had several submissives in the past.

Control has always come easy for him…

…until he meets Korina Morgan.

Kori first came to Bennett, Colorado for the wedding of her best friend, Rheagan. Rheagan had transferred to Bennett from LA upon receiving a job promotion, bringing Kori’s younger sister, Skye, with her as her assistant.

Skye was the only family Kori had left and couldn’t bear to be away from her, or Rheagan. So, she transferred to Bennett with her job, which, ironically, is a firefighter.

Being partnered with the obnoxious man Kori met at Rhea’s wedding was not a good way to start her new life. Chris Patterson, who portrayed himself as God’s gift to women, pursued her at every turn. She’d sworn off men after her Dominant husband abused her, landing her in the hospital more than once. But, Chris’ machinations turned her blood to molten lava, making it difficult to resist his sinfully delicious temptations.

Will Chris be able to control his raging desire for this red haired beauty? Will he be able to convince her, once she finds out of his ways, to trust him?

Will Kori be strong enough to withstand his kisses? What will she do when she learns he enjoys the very lifestyle she was running from?

Say you don’t want me!
Standing under the steaming shower, she finally relaxed. The wine was supposed to do the trick, but with the thunder and then Chris showing up, her nerves were a jumbled mess. She stood under the pulsing water for several minutes when she heard a knock on the door.
Quickly, she turned off the shower and wrapped a towel around her drenched body and opened the door that lead to Chris’ room.
Chris stood there with towel and robe in hand smiling at her slyly. “Any hot water left for me?” He asked with a chuckle.
“Oh! Sorry. I guess I didn’t realize how long I was in here.” She apologized.
“Hey, no problem.” He said as he slid past her. “You know…we could save on water and time if we just shared the shower.”
Kori sighed heavily and shook her head. “I guess you’re going to torment me here, too?”
“Torment you?” He chuckled. “Do I have some sort of effect on you, baby?”
Anger filled her face and all she wanted to do was scream. “Yes! You piss me off by making passes at me and calling me ‘baby’! I don’t want a relationship with anyone, including you. So could you please just leave me alone?”
Chris’ smile disappeared. “Fine. Consider yourself ‘left alone’.” He said sharply. “But know this, ‘baby’, you’re missing out on what could be the best fucking you’ll ever have in your lifetime.”
Kori gasped in shock and slapped him across his cheek. “How dare you talk to me that way?”
“What’s wrong, ‘baby’? Afraid I’m right?” He snickered.
The look in his eyes both frightened her and turned her on. She was shivering with fear, yet at the same time she was getting wetter by the second.
Kori lifted her hand to strike him again, but he stopped her and twisted her arm behind her back and leaned his chin on her shoulder.
“Why are you fighting me? You know you want me as much as I want you. So, what’s the problem, Kori?” He asked huskily, yet irritably.
Kori tried to escape his grip to no avail. Her breathing was heavy as she struggled against him. “I don’t want you, Chris! I don’t want anyone!”
He spun her around and held her close to his hard body. “Liar! Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t want me!” He glared at her, waiting for her answer. “If you can do that…I won’t bother you again.” He promised, although, he wasn’t sure he could hold up to that promise. He had to have her, almost as if his life depended on it.
Kori looked him in the eyes and had every intention of telling him she didn’t want him…but the words wouldn’t come. As she looked into his eyes, she started to fall deeper into the abyss that was Chris Patterson.
Chris shook her. “Say it! Say you don’t want me!” He was scaring her, but she knew what he was doing, and somehow, she knew he wouldn’t really hurt her.
She finally found the breath she needed to speak. “I-I don’t want you.” She lied in a whisper. He could see right through her. He knew she was lying and he wasn’t about to let her get away with lying to him.
He crushed his lips to hers and she moaned in protest, then in ecstasy. Her arms flew around his neck and she surrendered to him.

On your knees!
The room was lit with blue lights in a vaulted ceiling, concealed by four square panels, letting the light escape from the edges, filling the rest of the vault. The four poster black brass bed was covered by a blue leather mattress with about eight or ten black, blue and purple throw pillows. She wondered if he would take her there on the bed. The thought of the things he might do to her had her blushing with modesty.
Chris walked to an entertainment center of sorts, leaving her standing just inside the door, watching him nervously. With the click of a small remote, soft sensual music started to play. When he looked at her, his eyes were dark and dangerous and his chin was low on his neck, giving him the most intimidating look. He smiled wickedly.
“Take off your clothes.” He told her. As she lifted her shirt over her head, he closed the door and locked it. He watched her patiently as she removed the rest of her clothing.
After dropping her bra and panties to the floor, he clicked his tongue and shook his head. “Pick up your clothes. Place them in the basket.” He ordered in a commanding voice.
She looked around for a basket and found a small wicker hamper and placed her clothes inside, wondering what she would wear when they were finished.
When she turned back toward him, he had moved to the center of the room.
“Come here.” He said plainly. “On your knees.”
She did as he said, trying not to smile at his sexy commanding voice.
He squatted in front of her. “Stand up on your knees and hold your hands here.” He placed her hands on the outside of her thighs. “Bow your head and don’t look up at me, don’t
look around the room, just keep your eyes on the floor here.” He pointed to some sort of strange symbol on the floor as big as a quarter.
He stood and paced, circling around her with his hands locked behind his back.
“When I tell you to come in here, you will do so quickly without a word. You will disrobe and discard your clothes…all of them. I want to find you exactly like this in this very place when I walk in. Do you understand?” He asked gently.
“Yes.” She answered with a shaky voice.
He held back a chuckle. “You will always address me as Sir.”
“Yes Sir.” She answered with a slight curve to her lip.
“I will inspect you each time we are in here.” He knelt before her and cocked his head at her, waiting for her to look up at him. She didn’t. Good girl.

I, Chasity Breeze, am what most people would call outgoing and friendly. A social butterfly? Not really, but I do love to collect friends of all kinds. At the same time, I do like my privacy and a lot of it. In the normal world, people see me as a sweet, innocent and never naughty little house wife and mother. But, people who really know me, know better.

I am married to the most wonderful and sexiest man alive. Brock and I have been married a few years, but we don’t like to count them. Counting just makes you feel old. We like to think we’re still somewhat close to newlyweds. Dating is one of our favorite things to share. Brock never ceases to amaze me with romantic surprises and secret interludes.

We live just West of Fort Worth in Texas, cattle country. We are excited about our future and many more wonderful, but naughty, years together. Brock and I share a love for erotic books and we have our favorite authors to thank for inspiring me to write about our own adventures. Brock is my strong foundation and keeps me going in the right direction, which is a full time job for him. With him by my side, I feel I can do anything.

I started my writing adventure in October, 2012. My writing is in its infancy and I hope to improve it with time. My love for reading has always had me dreaming of becoming a writer, so, here I am…I’ve written a few short stories and I’m always working on another.

When I’m not writing, I am a domestic goddess and the best mom in the world, or so I’ve been told. I love to be with my family, whether it be going on a fun-filled vacation, or just sitting at home, all of us curled on the couch watching movies. I love to be outside in the fresh air, so I sometimes take my dog for a stroll in the park or down the main street in our small hick Texas town, just to get out of the house.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short story and will read more of my work. Reviews are always welcome.

Remember…a good book can put a smile on your face. A great book can change your outlook on life.

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