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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Heidi Cheramie's Weekly Review.. This week Heidi reviews..Envy series by Joss Ware

Heidi Cheramie

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Author-Joss Ware
Beyond the NightEmbrace the Night EternalAbandon the Night


Joss Ware has written three urban fantasy/paranormal romance adventure books in the Envy series and I love them! These stories are set in a post apocalyptic world which is complex, original and current with all the 2012 concerns. A few extremely wealthy people who are now called the strangers caused the devastation and also gained immortality.

Five men trapped in a cave in Sedona when the world was destroyed emerge five decades later with some unusual individual powers and without aging. Dr. Elliot, Simon, Quentin, Wyatt and Fence are these diverse men who wake up with their old lives gone. Book one takes place when the men are trying to adapt to this devastated world where everything is destroyed and their family and friends from their old life are long dead. Mentioned briefly is the fact that Wyatt was happily married with small children. So each man has his own demons to deal with after losing everything they have worked for and loved.

Many people now live in a compound called Envy in New Vegas which was previously Las Vegas but is now next to the ocean and humid. Joss Ware does a great job with the setting and this new futuristic world. The characters are trying to restore some order to their lives and trying to survive on a daily basis. They must fight the mysterious strangers, bounty hunters and zombie like creatures called gangas. Book One is Dr. Elliot and Jade’s story. Jade was a prisoner of the immortals and is scarred by that experience and fearful of bounty hunters. Elliot is trying to deal with his new “gift” which has the power to heal but also has deadly consequences. Now Elliot is in a world where there is no such thing as a doctor. The sexual tension is hot! And these are two wonderful characters with much psychological damage. Can they heal each other?

Book Two is Simon and Sage’s story. Simon is a dark, dangerous, incredibly sexy hero with an intriguing past. He also has a new “power” that is very super hero. Sage was born after the change of course and has never known the modern world. She is extremely intelligent and working with the Waxnicki twins to restore some type of computer system. We will be seeing more of Lou and Theo Waxnixki in future books. Simon and Sage’s romance is unexpected and smoldering. Sage has two very sexy men in love with her and it makes the story quite delicious.

Book Three is Quentin and Zoe’s story. Zoe is my favorite heroine. She is a kick ass archer, a woman warrior and quite the loner. Quent and Zoe burn up the pages!! Hot! Hot! Hot! Joss Ware’s characters are never predictable. Quent was a rich playboy with an abusive, sadistic father and he feels he has nothing to offer this new civilization. Without his money, he feels he has no skills, no resources, and his story is wonderfully written.

All the Envy characters are flawed and complex. The stories have some cool twists and as in real life it is often surprising who the different characters fall in love with. This is urban fantasy at its best. Great adventure stories with danger and cool battles. And kudos to Joss Ware for having diverse characters! Zoe is Indian, Fence is African American and Simon is Hispanic. Finally books with different cultures like in real life!

This is my new favorite paranormal series and author. I can’t wait until Book Four! Write fast Joss!

I give these books 41/2 stars and recommend them to everyone. Enjoy and Happy reading!


  1. Sounds like a great series. I am intrigued...

  2. These books rock. Great review!

  3. Makes me look forward to the future! Will read this series.


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