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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday's Featured Poem.... I was Again Beside Thee In A Dream: by. Mathilde Blind

I was again beside thee in a dream
Earth was so beautiful, the moon was shining;
The muffled voice of many a cataract stream
Came like a love-song, as, with arms entwining,
Our hearts were mixed in unison supreme.

The wind lay spell-bound in each pillared pine,
The tasselled larches had no sound or motion,
As my whole life was sinking into thine--
Sinking into a deep, unfathomed ocean
Of infinite love--uncircumscribed, divine.

Night held her breath, it seemed, with all her stars:
Eternal eyes that watched in mute compassion
Our little lives o'erleap their mortal bars,
Fused in the fulness of immortal passion,
A passion as immortal as the stars.

There was no longer any thee or me;
No sense of self, no wish or incompleteness
The moment, rounded to Eternity,
Annihilated time's destructive fleetness:
For all but love itself had ceased to be.

~Mathilde Blind~

* This poem is one of my favorites, I love Mathilde's words.... I often quote her, it's like I can hear her words whispering in my heart.... :)


  1. great poem! I'm a new blog follower. I saw on Parajunkie that you are trying to win the Big Sis Little Blog contest. Good luck, I'll be voting for you!

  2. Welcome to my blog, and thanks for following me!! I am so excited about being in the Big Sis Contest. I appreciate your vote and thanks for following me!! I look forward to talking books with you.. :)

  3. Love the poem! And good luck w/ the Big Sis Little Blog Contest!! I voted for you, of course. :)


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