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Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday's Author Spotlight & Giveaway Featuring: Susan Hanniford Crowley

Today's featured author is Susan Hanniford Crowley.
Susan is the author of The Vampires In Manhattan series, I am so excited she took the time to be here with us today. So.. Without further ado....

Fangs: Can't Live Without Them! (Contest included.)

Imagine you're rushing to catch the bus and the rain is pouring down. A tall handsome man holds his umbrella over you. You look up. He smiles and you notice fangs. Are you horrified? Or as you look into his wonderful eyes, is it love at first sight?

Imagine a neighborhood stray is knocking over your garbage cans. You rush out with a broom to chase him off. The huge drooling dog snarls at you. You back up. He advances. Suddenly something whooshes past you knocking down the dog. You run but can't help turning when the dog races away yelping. A huge gray wolf with golden eyes is staring at you in your driveway. Then a large handsome man is standing there instead. The same golden eyes. You can't breathe. Is it because you're scared? Or is it because your heart's racing betrays the excitement rushing through you?

Okay, I think you get what's happening here. It's that initial connection between the heroine and hero. In the first scene, it's his manners and old world charm. Fewer and fewer men display manners anymore, so those that do are particularly noticeable. In the second, it's the rescue and those eyes. Women can forgive a lot of faults including fangs, if he's good looking, well mannered, brave and courageous, a man that thinks of others above himself. Ooh, it gives me the shivers. With vampires, you have the promise of immortality, be young and beautiful forever. With werewolves, you have that sheer animal heat, the loyalty and he loves to be rubbed. LOL (I had to add that in.)

That's why we love them and see beyond the fangs.

Laura Cordelais can really identify with being bowled over, when in THE STORMY LOVE LIFE OF LAURA CORDELAIS, she falls in love with Vampire David Hilliard. David has fathomless, dark eyes, curly dark hair, and that smile that warms you to your toes.


Being descended from an ancient race blessed by Zeus doesn't help Telkhine Laura Cordelais, when she's desperate and standing between life and death. Her destiny looks bleak. Every choice leads to death, and there is no winning door. Or is there?


Begging God for love, Vampire David Hilliard finds his request answered in the form of the tormented and dying Laura. In saving her, he falls in love and dooms them both to a dark underworld of voodoo and sorcery from which nothing can escape.


Curses, Keres, demons, oh, my! And the unicorn's horn.




and other fine ebook stores. I'm awaiting news for the print release date.

The adventures continue in the Vampires in Manhattan series. The prequel to THE STORMY LOVE LIFE OF LAURA CORDELAIS is about Regina O'Malley and Gregor Vasiliev. During their efforts to rescue others, they find love with the help of a neighborhood vampire, werewolves and other supernaturals.


Regina O'Malley is a college student who's just discovered she's magic. Today is the first day of her internship at a prominent brokerage house at the World Trade Center, and she's late. She doesn't know disaster is right around the corner.


Gregor Vasiliev is a financial advisor at the World Trade Center. This shapeshifter hates the office coffee, and while on a donut run he gazes out the window of his favorite coffee shop. There in the street stands the lifemate he's been searching for. If he doesn't act now, he'll lose her forever.

IT'S SEPTEMBER 11, 2001.

Here's the link to a review: http://rorreviews.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/when-love-survives-by-susan-hanniford-crowley/

WHEN LOVE SURVIVES is available at http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-whenlovesurvives-362921-143.html

In A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS, Laura and David help out the two lovers.

Georgia doesn't know she's a Harmony. Jobless and about to be homeless, her heart sinks when a hand snatches the coat of her dreams from the storefront window. Then she sees him staring at her reflection . . . the stalker.

Trevor Stenwood, a vampire and Arnhem Knight, is handsome, sophisticated, and tongue-tied every time he sees her. Sworn to protect the supernaturals of the city, he's fallen for a woman marked for death by demons. How can he save her when she's afraid of him?

At Christmas time in New York City, will love bloom in the snow?

It's a heart-warming adventure. LOL Yes, vampires can be heart-warming, sexy, and sometimes so bad that you want them to do it again.

A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS is available at http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-avampireforchristmas-387184-139.html

Now for the Contest! I am giving away to one lucky randomly chosen commenter their choice of a PDF of WHEN LOVE SURVIVES or A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISMAS. The deadline for the contest is Sunday, May 2, 2010 at noon Eastern Standard Time. This contest is open to everyone.

Thanks so much, Tawania. This has been so much fun.

It has been fun, Susan! I would like to thank you for here with us today, and I would like to welcome you back anytime.

If you would like to find out more about Susan and her books, you can find her at her blog or her website.



  1. I have never heard of this series before. Sounds interesting!

  2. Anything vampire is definitely my weakness, but the Vampire for Christmas sounds fabulous!

    Tall, dark, and handsome -- the forbidden kiss that could also kill you -- oh yeah!


  3. Thank you, LilyofDarkness. Thank you, Rebecca.

  4. Hi there,

    I love the descriptions for all of the books mentioned, but am intrigued by the 'Vampire For Christmas' (if only) :-)

    Great post & blog

    Jennifer N


  5. Great spotlight! I'm always interested in a new Vamp series. I'm going to give this one a try!




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