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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Guest Reviewer Heidi Cheramie... Reviews Fantasy In Death By:J.D. Robb

Heidi Cheramie

Fantasy In Death
Fantasy in Death
G.P.Putnam and sons-publisher
(Hardcover - Feb 23, 2010)


Bart Minnock, co-owner of U-Play, a hugely succesful gaming firm is brutally murdered in his private holo-room. Lieutenant Eve Dallas is assigned to the baffling case. How did Bart end up decapitated in a locked room that no one else entered? Furthermore, everyone loved Bart. His three best friends co own the company with him and are closer than family. His girlfriend adored him. Even Eve’s gorgeous husband the fantastic Rourke respected and liked Bart. Who would want him dead?

This is the thirtieth book in the J.D.Robb Death series and it is as good and riveting as the first book about Eve and Rourke. This book is about friendship. The friendships between Bart and his childhood friends who later became his partners. The friendship between Eve and Peabody, her partner. And Eve and Nadine, a TV reporter she has become friends with throughout the series. Also Rourke and Eve’s friendship. Their relationship never remains static. They are always growing and learning what it means to love each other. This time Eve is strong for Rourke who is very saddened by Bart’s death. This couple loves and fights better than any characters written today. No one is sexier than the ex- criminal, billionaire Rourke with his irish accent and incredible smarts. Eve is strong and heroic but also badly damaged by a very traumatic childhood. Rourke battles his own demons from his brutal past. How these two characters continue to change and evolve is fun to watch. Eve and Rourke make me happy. I look forward to each new book in the series.

The mystery is intriquing and the gaming industry background is cool! This series does take place in the future and Robb makes the holo-rooms and virtual games believable and exciting. The mystery kept me guessing to the very end and the murderer is a surprise.

You can’t go wrong with a J.D. Robb book and I have loved all thirty books! Some more than others. This book gets 41/2 stars because I give 5 stars to the J.D. Robb books that focus a little more on Rourke and Eve’s complex relationship. If you haven’t read a J.D. Robb before please start with book one and read them in order. The first book is when Eve and Rourke meet and he is her suspect in a murder. This series has everything! Sex, love, friendships, mystery, futuristic NYC and two of the most exciting characters in fiction today. Happy reading!

Great review, Heidi! Thanks for being here with us today, Please come back anytime and review for us again... Happy Reading... :)


  1. Sounds like a book I want to read. Thanks Heidi and Tawania for giving us a great review!!!

  2. Thats whats up! This is a must read for me. Thanks ladies for the review :)


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