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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Review: When Love Survives... by. Susan Hanniford Crowley

From the back of the book...


Regina O'Malley is a college student who's just discovered she's magic. Today is the first day of her internship at a prominent brokerage house at the World Trade Center, and she's late. She doesn't know disaster is right around the corner.


Gregor Vasiliev is a financial advisor at the World Trade Center. This shapeshifter hates the office coffee, and while on a donut run he gazes out the window of his favorite coffee shop. There in the street stands the lifemate he's been searching for. If he doesn't act now, he'll lose her forever.

IT'S SEPTEMBER 11, 2001...


Bravo Susan! I really enjoyed this story, you will absolutely fall in love with the hero & heroine in this book. Susan  took one of our most devastating and tragic events in American history, and created a brilliant, compassionate, and loving story out of it. She reminds us that love can develop out of the most heart wrenching circumstances. Regina is a wonderful heroine, she finds out on the morning of the attack that she is half Elf and half Leprechaun. Regina doesn't really believe it until after the attack,when she starts hearing the cries of the survivors and feel their pain. She knows that she shouldn't go to the attack site, but she can't help herself. Regina has to go and help find any survivors she can, she can't ignore the cries in her head.

When Gregor sees Regina in the street outside his favorite coffee shop, he knows immediately that she is his life mate. He pulls her inside the coffee shop, seconds before the tower collapses. When he touches Regina, she realizes that his touch comforts her, and stops the cries and the pain she feels in her head. When Regina tells Gregor that she has to go to the site of the attack to help, he doesn't want her to, but he understands why she has to go.

I loved Regina, and Gregor's characters, there was the perfect mix of love, compassion, and sexiness. Regina is young, but stronger then even she knows. Gregor is a fierce protector of his life mate, but he understands why she has to do the things she do. The relationship between them is steamy and moved  fast, but you don't feel like it takes away from the story. This story is truly a love story, and you don't forget that through out the  book. I also loved that their were paranormals or Nats as they like to be called in this book. I thought it was cool that the supernaturals in the city were helping in the recovery effort trying to  save people. You get a sense through out the book of how easily people come together in tragic circumstances no matter if you are human or not.

This book had me all emotional, it caused me to think back to that day on September 11, 2001. I thought about all the feelings and emotions that were going on that day. I am so happy that Susan wrote a story that made me smile, and leads me to believe that something good can come out of the most tragic circumstances.

 Rating: 4 1/2 STARS / 5

When Love Survives is available at:


Title: When Love Survives

Author: Susan Hanniford Crowley
Publisher: Tease Publishing LLC
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60767-075-9
Release Date: Oct 2009
Format: Ebook
Genre: Paranomal/ fantasy/Sci Fi
Length: novella

You can learn more about Susan Hanniford Crowley & her Vampires in Manhatten series at her website & blog.



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