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Monday, May 24, 2010

Blood Born.. by. Linda Howard & Linda Jones

Heidi Cheramie
Blood Born Review
Linda Howard and Linda Jones-Author
Random House-Publisher

Blood Born

Blood Born Review
Blood Born is a new series for Linda Howard and she collaborates with Linda Jones.  The story is about Luca Ambrus a Blood-born vampire who is an agent for the Council, the centuries-old clan that governs the vampire race. The Council is located in Washington D.C.  The setting gives it a political feel and is interesting.
Chloe Fallon is the human Luca teams up with. Chloe is able to channel spirit warriors and thus protect people from vampires.  Chloe also has a unique ability to remember Luca.  No human who interacts with Luca remembers him and haven’t for centuries.  Luca and Chloe discover a group of rogue vampires determined to destroy the Council and humankind.  As Luca and Chloe work together they fall in love.
There is a lot of background in this book.  The first eight chapters set up the world and the back stories.  There is some interesting world building and some new twists on vampires but it became slow reading waiting for Luca and Chloe to meet.
There wasn’t enough dialogue in this book and I would have liked some deeper character building. However Chloe is likable and Luca is hot! The book becomes more interesting and starts to come together in the second half.  This could become a very good series and I will read the second book. Many series I have read have a rough start and improve in later books. So I have high hopes for these books.
These are very talented writers and the vampire world and spirit warriors are interesting and could end up being an excellent series.  I give this book 3 STARS!!

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  1. Great review. I bought this book last week. Hope to read soon.


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