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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

VBT: Excerpts & Giveaway - Jennifer Lynne's GODS OF LOVE Series

*Gods of Love*

*Books 1-3 Series Bundle*
*Jennifer Lynne*


The Greek gods of desire are skilled at satisfying the erotic needs of mortals who cross their path. But where do the gorgeous erotes turn for sexual healing when loneliness strikes at each eternal yet world-weary heart?

Together for the first time in one anthology collection, these three critically acclaimed novellas show that even the gods themselves are not immune from the influence of love.

Platinum Passion

A night of ménage a trois passion will change three lives forever. Jeannie and Jake's platinum anniversary becomes an unforgettable experience when Pothos, god of sexual yearning, steps in to save their twenty-year marriage.

Aphrodite Calling

A god of sexual desire on the edge of burnout meets a woman with a unique and secret past…In the arms of transsexual woman Gina, has Himeros finally discovered the one with whom even a god of love could find fulfillment?

Sex Club Secrets

Sometimes love can flourish in the most unexpected places. Ella and her bisexual best friend Kade meet the erotic god Anteros in a celebrated sex club—but the challenges facing these potential friends-to-lovers could prove too much for the god of requited and unrequited love.

Content suitable for adult readers only.


Platinum Passion:

He shivered in need, reaching down to stroke himself through the silken material.

I want Jeannie. I want…more.

His vision blurred and he shook his head to clear it, and then realized he was not alone on the beach after all.

Fuck! Impossible to hide this boner. His hand instantly shifted away from his cock.

He could see the silhouette of a man and a woman standing further up the curve of the coastline, hand in hand, ankle deep in water by the looks of things. But then he frowned. Were they…surely they weren't…naked? That would be too weird, given the nature of his latest fantasy. He took a hesitant step forward, then stopped, cheeks flushing with embarrassment. Hell. They were. And the guy had a hard on even bigger than his own.

Clearly, they wouldn't want anyone else raining on their privacy parade right about now. He turned to leave, but as he did so the couple held out their arms toward him, gesturing, and something about the woman, the way she stood, the way she flicked her hand in a come-to-me type gesture, the way she tilted her head just that little bit to the right…

No way. "Jeannie?" His voice came out on a squeak of amazement and there was no chance she could have heard him, but he saw her nod and gesture again. Thank God this was a dream, or he'd be pretty damn shocked to see her standing naked like that with another man by her side. Ridiculous, he knew, given his recent train of thought, but still…

He took a faltering step toward them, then another, and then with a deep, shuddering breath he began to run toward the couple on the beach.

Toward his beautiful wife and the unfamiliar man with a hard on the size of a baseball bat.

Toward his ultimate sexual fantasy in the flesh.


Aphrodite Calling:

She wondered if there was anyone watching them right now, perhaps with a pair of binoculars. The thought of being watched ramped up the situation ten-fold. Maybe those at the reunion downstairs would hear her screams of release after all.

Maybe some of them were even now watching from one of those rooms across the street…

She tightened her butt, pushing her pelvis more firmly against him, rubbing on his hardness and using it to increase the pressure on her mound. Gina hoped they were watching, those bastards from her past. Watching, and wanting what she had between her legs right now. Not her own cock, anymore, but someone else's. Himeros, cocked, loaded, and ready to fuck.
And he's going to fuck me.

"We do have a couple of onlookers."

His soft words, murmured into her hair, had her thighs tightening involuntarily around him as the burning excitement grew. Who was watching? And what show did they want to see? Straight sex between a man and a woman, or sex between two people who both had a penis?

Are you wondering if I really had the op? If there aren't actually two hard dicks here right now, hidden by my skirt, sliding up and down against each other and dampening my panties with all that leaking pre-cum?

Too bad.

A sudden flare of anger ignited inside of her toward the peeping Toms, whoever they were, and she dug one of her heels into the crease of his ass, rubbing it up and down with just enough pressure to elicit a moan of protest from Himeros.

She stopped. "Sorry."

"Ah, but I enjoy the lick of pain, Gina."

"Oh." She liked how her voice got all husky when she was aroused. When she was home alone with her vibrator there was no call to speak. She hadn't realized it would sound like this, all deep and throaty. "Really?"


She reached up and caressed his face, following that angled cheekbone with one finger. "Then it's a pity you're still wearing trousers, Him."


Sex Club Secrets:

Little snapshots of Ella, flickering through his mind at the most inopportune moments, took his attention away from Will and he began to wonder what it would feel like to sink into her welcoming body instead.

What would it be like to have her thin legs wrap themselves around him? Would her thighs hold deceptive strength in their length, just like her fingers? What noises would she make if he bent over her and slipped his tongue along her slit or curled it around her clit? Would she taste like salty passion if he used his mouth to bring her to orgasm? What would be the expression on her face if he lay back and let her ride him as hard or as gently as she liked?

Maybe she'd look something like this. His breath fogged the glass. Oops. Too close. He pulled back a little, not wanting to obscure anything about this tableau playing out in front of him.

The man she was with, the one who seemed to be looking straight at him with that knowing and slightly malicious grin, extended a hand around to tweak one of Ella's nipples between a powerful finger and thumb. He stretched her out, hard, over and over, as if he were trying to encourage milk from a recalcitrant udder.

Did it hurt? His jaw clenched, even as the thought of white spray streaking out the end of her long pink nipples and decorating the window in front of him sent more blood racing to his dick. But then her mouth parted and her tongue flicked out to moisten her lips. God damn. She was enjoying what was being done to her.

His knees buckled and he sat down hard on one of the bar stools.

Dear God. She looks so much sexier than I could ever have imagined.

He hadn't thought he could get any harder and yet here he was, rigid now and threatening to explode in a sea of cum just like a teenager with a dirty magazine.

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Jennifer Lynne is multi-published in sensual and erotic romance and writes from her home in Melbourne, Australia. She has a degree in literature and media studies and has worked as a business writer and journalist for companies both large and small. She has even worked in an optical store! She lives in hope that readers will continue to enjoy her novella-length tales of love and lust.

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  1. Very Cool!! Like Like...
    This looks like a fantastic Trilogy. Keep it rocking.

    1. Thanks Diane! Hopefully the fourth in the series, Immortal Seduction, will be out soon.

  2. Thanks Tawania, for having me to visit today!

  3. Since I'm going on 25 years of marriage this year, Platinum Passion sounds right up my alley!

    1. Hi Catherine, lovely to see you here on the tour! I'm in a long term relationship too (though we only got married last year), so I can relate to Jake and Jeannie's story too - when life gets in the way of romance!

  4. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for participating in the tour! I've had a lot of fun so far :)...so...I bet you get this a lot but...what does your family and friends think of your books? Do they get uncomfortable around you after they've read them?


    1. Hello Andra - I'm thoroughly enjoying the tour too. I love meeting and talking with fellow book lovers :) To be honest, many of my family and friends haven't read all my books - with the exception of my darling mother who buys and reads everything diligently! They love the idea of erotic romance (and we do have fun discussions with lots of laughs) but at the end of the day most of them are not comfortable with the level of heat in my stories - especially the Gods of Love series. Though they love my earlier books that are not quite as hot!

  5. Thank you to everyone who participated in the GODS OF LOVE series excerpt tour – Goddess Fish, all the generous blog hosts, and of course everyone who took the time to join in and comment along the way.

    I love meeting and chatting with fellow book lovers and it has been really fun over the past three weeks.

    The giveaway draw is now closed and I'll be using random.org to pick the winners. I’ll announce the results on my blog on Sunday at http://www.jenniferlynne.com.au/blog

    Once again, thank you everyone!


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