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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Review: Alien Mate by. Eve Langlais

Review: Alien Mate
Author: Eve Langlais

Alien Mate


What would you do if an alien materialized in your living room and told you he was your leader?
Plump Diana is ironing her underwear when the hottest blue babe in all of the galaxy appears in her living room. Did she forget to mention he was naked? Abducted, decontaminated, and dressed like a harem girl, she’s been chosen to become his mate.

Kor asked his ancestors to find him a biddable, docile mate. Instead they found him Diana--a curvy, argumentative earthling who sets his pulse pounding and his loins on fire. He might be an alien who doesn't understand the meaning of love, but he sure knows what he feels is more than lust.


I purchased this book and it's sequel on a whim. I have been reading a lot of sci-fy romances lately, and I've really been enjoying them. Eve tells this story superbly, and I was entertained throughout the whole book.

Diana is a secretary living a ordinary life, or as ordinary a life as a single size 14 woman can. She  is contemplating that very thought, when a gorgeous blue alien appears in her living room. Diana is shocked, and becomes even more so when the sexy alien informs her that he will be her leader. The Hot alien continues to explain to her that the oracle of his planet has chosen her to be his mate, and that he is taking her home to his planet.

Diana can't believe what this gorgeous alien man is telling her, and she refuses to even think he is telling the truth. She believes at first that someone is playing a hoax on her. She doesn't believe that out of all the women in the world, she would be chosen. Diana soon finds out that her alien man is telling the truth, when she finds herself on his ship headed toward his home planet, and apparently her new life. Diana is still resistant to Kor, even though she's not really leaving anything behind on earth.

Kor is surprised to find his earthling mate does not simply accept her fate, instead she is argumentative and difficult, but he finds himself falling for her regardless. He loves everything about her, and he is very happy he  he wasn’t given a too slim mate like some of his bretheren chosen mates.

Kor is determined to convince Diana to mate with him before they reach his home planet. He will do whatever it takes to reach his goal. He knows Diana isn't really resistant to him, he just needs to prove to her that he is worth the risk to her heart. It's not like she really has a choice now anyways.

This book was a very fun, romantic read with sizzling sex scenes. Diana's character is hilarious, and her thoughts were so entertaining to read. I loved Kor as a hero, he was so confused about Diana's reaction in the beginning that he couldn't help but endear himself to me. The AI computer Alphie provided the comic relief for the story, and had me laughing out loud. This book wouldn't have been the same without it.

The world that Eve Langlais has created for Kor, and his people is very similar to earth, but  more advanced in technology. They don't use water wastefully as we do, cleansing is done at a molecular level and has an unexpected side effect that I know I would thoroughly enjoy.  The fate of the women from Kor's planet was very sad and gave the reader an insight into why the men on his planet do what they do to get mates. I was instantly sympathetic with their plight.

This was a wonderful read, and I am very much looking forward to book 2. Eve Langlais has done a dynamite job with characterization in this novel. Kor is the perfect, sexy, alpha hero with a sweet side. I could easily relate to him. Diana was one of my favorite heroines to read about. She's sassy, fun, and very likable. The secondary characters were interesting, and the story flowed very well from beginning to end. Oh, and the sex scenes were steamy, spicy, and HOT! But they didn't take away from the story at all.

If you are looking for a hot, endearing sci-fi romantic read, then I greatly recommend Alien Mate. I promise you won't be disappointed, I wasn't and I'm looking forward to reading book 2.

My Rating out of 5 = 4 1/2 STARS

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  1. What a glowing review Tawania. Thank you so much. Do you mind if I quote part of it with a link back to your site on my webpage?

  2. Hi Eve! I Only spoke the truth, I really enjoyed your book. Please feel free to use any part of the review. I just finished Alien Mate 2, and I downloaded your book Broomstick Breakdown. I'm very much looking forward to reading it.


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