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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Review: Sex, Lies and Vampires (The Dark Ones, Book 3) by. Kate MacAlister

Review: Sex, Lies and Vampires (The Dark Ones, Book 3)
Author: Kate MacAlister

Blurb: Taken from Author's  Website

Take a flawed charmer named Nell, add a cursed Dark One called the Betrayer who has sold his own kind for centuries to a demon lord, and throw them together in a desperate attempt to save an innocent child…while along the way unentangling themselves from a Welsh knocker named Gigli who runs a house of ill repute for poltergeists, avoiding death by a revenge-minded vampire, and trying to convince a group of mummies that dead really does mean forever.


Let me just say that Katie MacAlister is one of my favorite paranormal authors. Her Dark Ones novels are on the top of my list in the favorite vampire series category. Her humorous, passionate, and sexy characters stay with you long after you finish reading her books. I also love that her heroines are all flawed in some kind of way, but they always get their man in the end. Katie proves that in romance it's not always the prettiest girl, or the perfect body that snags the hero, you can be wonderfully ordinary, and still have a Happily Ever After.

Nell is a history professor, and  "Charmer" (spell caster) She is led to the Czech Republic in search of a priceless breast plate. When Nell arrives she learns from the woman  Melissande who brought her there, that she is a charmer, and that she needs Nell's help in rescuing her nephew and brother. Melissande's brother and Nephew are being held by a Demon Lord named Asmodeus. Nell reluctantly agrees to help her find them, but she adamantly refuses to do any charmer woohoo. The one and only time Nell tried using her charming ability to charm a curse, her best friend was killed and Nell suffered permanent damage. She doesn't ever want to do anything like that again.

When searching Christian Dante's house for clues, Nell runs into a dark One named Adrian or better known as The Betrayer. Adrian is also cursed, and forced to betray his fellow Dark One's. When Nell and Adrian meet, there are sparks instantly. Nell was led to believe by Melissande that Adrian is the cause behind the abduction of her brother and nephew. Adrian convinces Nell that he is also in search of the clues to help find Melissande's nephew, and that he and Melissande are in fact sister and brother.

Adrian needs Nell to help him, she has to charm the curse to free them all. He is also not at all happy to discover that Nell is his beloved, and they share a psychic connection. Adrian knows they can never be together as long as he is bound by his curse. He also knows that he can't fight his feelings for her no matter how hard he tries.

As Nell and Adrian fight for their lives, Nell starts to recognize how wrong everyone is about Adrian. She see's his goodness over and over again, and realizes that he is worth saving. Nell knows that if they can stay one step ahead of the enemy, their is a chance that they might have a chance. Adrian doesn't believe his soul can be redeemed by his beloved or that he even deserves one. Nell is determined to show him that as long as you have hope anything is possible.

Nell knows she can save Adrian, and everyone else even if he doesn't believe it. She's determined to prove to him that they were meant to be together, and she's not going to let anyone stop her.

As I stated earlier in this review, I love this series and Katie didn't miss a beat in this installment. Nell and Adrian are the perfect compliment for each other. Throw in a Knocker, some poltergeist, kabolds, and some very confused 5,000 year old cursed mummies, and you have the formula for some good fun storytelling. This story lays out everything I love about Ms. MacAlister's story telling. There is the perfect amount of sexual tension, humor, hot sex, twist, and turns to keep your eyes glued to the pages. I often find myself opening the book, and rereading scenes. Now if that behavior doesn't prove that this book keeps you entertained, then I don't know what does.

Also, as I stated before, I love that the heroines aren't perfect by physical standards, it seems that Katie often cast her heroines as ordinary everyday women with the normal body issues, and insecurities that 90% of the female population deal with. She makes it so easy to identify with the characters, you could absolutely see yourself in their shoes.

I love this series, and I know that if you gave it a try you would too :)

4 1/2 Stars

Books in the series:

Book 1. A Girl's Guide To Vampires
Book 2. Sex And The Single Vampire
Book 3. Sex, Lies, And Vampires
Book 4. Even Vampires Get The Blues
Book 5. Last Of The Red Hot Vampires
Book 6. Zen And The Art of Vampires
Book 7. Crouching Vampire Hidden Fang
Book 8. In The Company Of Vampires (Releases Nov 2, 2010)

Product Details

Mass Market Paperback: 342 pages
Publisher: Love Spell; Reissue edition (January 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0505525550
ISBN-13: 978-0505525550

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