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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Review: Vampire In The Basement.. by. Susan Hanniford Crowley

Review: Vampire In The Basement
Author: Susan Hanniford Crowley


A broken heart can never heal. That’s what Lorraine believes until this shapeshifter who keeps forgetting her clothes meets Theo.

Tall, blond, and handsome Theo, ‬vampire and‭ ‬Arnhem Knight,‭ assists supernaturals in need but when he meets Lorraine, he needs her in everyway. It’s more than desire. He wants her heart.


Well... What can I say? Susan has done it to me again.. Vampire In The Basement was a great read, really it was. I was so happy to see Gregor and Regina again, and Theo and Lorraine was such fun to read about. I have to admit it was also fun to see the Vampire David Hilliard in action again, he is all kinds of awesomeness. It was really good to find out what happened with Gregor and Regina after they left New York. For those of you who haven't read Susan's Vampires In Manhattan series, you are really missing out on some sexy vamps and shifters. Gregor and Regina's story from When Love Survives (my review of it is HERE) continues in Vampire In The Basement.

Gregor and Regina have left New York, and are on their way to Visit Gregor's parents to prepare for their wedding. Regina is nervous about meeting his parents, but he's her man and she loves him. The first person they meet upon their arrival is Gregor's sister Lorraine. Lorraine is recovering from a painful divorce, and feeling insecure about herself. She welcomes Regina with open arms and they quickly become friends.

Regina's parents arrive for the couples nuptials, and something strange happens to Regina. She has a vision of doom, a strange man, and a haunting voice. Her mother explains to her that this is a gift of her elf heritage, so Regina and Gregor go through with the wedding. A strange Elf appears claiming that Regina is suppose to be with him, and that he will help her develop her powers, and teach her how to use her magic. A fight breaks out between the elves and the shifters at the wedding. Regina, and Lorraine escape, but her parents, Gregor, and all the other guest are trapped by a spell.

Enters the devastatingly handsome Vampire David Hilliard, and Theo. Regina summons them to her to help  save the others. There is an instant attraction between Lorraine and Theo, and the more they are around each other the stronger it gets. The small group accompanied by their werewolf friends put a plan together to save everyone. Will the plan work, will Regina be reunited with Gregor?

Theo recognizes Lorraine as his life mate, the difficulty will be in convincing her of it. They have only been together once, but all the signs scream lifemate, he knows its forever. Lorraine can't imagine being with someone like Theo for the long haul. She feels as if she's not good enough for him, she knew her ex husband for twenty years and their marriage lasted two months. Will Lorraine get over her fear and embrace the idea of being Theo's life mate, will Theo risk everything for Lorraine?

If you want to know the answers, you will have to go buy Vampire In the Basement. Go ahead.. buy it, I promise you won't be disappointed. This story has everything humor, hot sex scenes, a sweet love story continuing and brand new. Susan kept the story interesting with the back ground facts about Regina's Elf mother, and Leprechaun father. It was also great to meet Gregor's family, and they were a diverse bunch.

This story had everything, sexy heroes, smart strong heroines, every kind of shifter you could think of, and a solid story that kept you entertained. I loved it, and if you give it a chance you will too.


You can buy your copy of Vampire In The Basement at All Romance

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  1. I usually don't read sci fi books bt this might be worth a compromise.

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