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Friday, September 24, 2010

Review: Magicus Catonium - by. Udita Plaha

Review- Magicus Catonium
Author- Udita Plaha

Synopsis: Taken from author's Website

In the introductory book of the Praesidis series, two fourteen year old girls start a journey to correct the damage done to Magicus Catonium. In the process, they develop abilities unknown to most and finally discover their true identities. Even under the protection of two young but capable wizards, their journey is marked with many battles, not all ending in victory.They meet people along the way who change the way they see the world, in a positive or negative way. To really defeat their villain, the girls must learn to distinguish between enemies and friends while under the pressure of a world spiraling out of control. Follow the girls as they rise to their full potential and assume their roles as the next Praesidis of Magicus Catonium.


Reading this book was like being on an adventure. The author's world building was phenomenal, I felt like I was right there with the characters. I felt as if I were seeing every aspect of Magicus Catonium through their eyes.

Ria and Anna are two typical teenagers. They are best friends, and have grown up together in the same house with their two single mothers, who also happen to be best friends. Ria and Anna are often mistaken as twins, but in all actuality are not related. Ria and Anna have more in common then they know, or can believe as they learn upon their journey together.

Ria and Anna are out on a run one day when Anna hears something in the bushes, and stops to investigate. She is pulled through a tunnel under ground, and Ria jumps in behind her. When Ria and Anna land on the other side of the tunnel, they meet Lita. Lita informs them that they have been summoned through a portal, and that they are no longer on Earth, but in a alternate universe known as Magicus Catonium. Lita tells the girls that they have magic inside them, and that it's their destiny to save Magicus Catonium from an evil Wizard name Solan.

Ria and Anna are confused by all they hear from Lita, they are even more shocked to learn that their mothers can also do magic, and have subtly been training them for this day. Lita also confides to the girls, that the universe will fall to Solan, and it will be the end of them all if they don't learn to use their magic and defeat him. The girls agree to stay and learn, to find out more about their heritage and the secrets that have been kept from them regarding their parents.

Ria and Anna start their training with Lita, Leon, and Ricky. Leon, and Ricky are twins who also attend Lita's magic school. There is an attraction between the four of them, that they can't explain.There is also something not quite right about the brothers, but the girls need all the help they can get. While in the midst of their training the school is attacked by Solan, and the girls are smuggled out, by Leon and Ricky, then the adventures begin.

The group meets several secondary characters on their journey to train, and face Solan. They first come upon Marn, a Water Nymph cast out by her people for being the runt of the clan. Marn joins them, and helps them in ways they never imagined. Then they come upon Joy, and Rain, two humans known as tills who stumbled across a portal and have been trapped in Magicus Catonium since, and Finally Selene who lost her husband and son to the war with Solan . The small group form a bond, and band together.

The path the group must travel is wrought with danger, betrayal, and pain. They all must continue for the sake of the universe. Ria and Anna learn so much about themselves on this journey, but they are still in the dark about so many things. The universe of Magicus Catonium is depending on the Praesidis to save them. Can Ria and Anna learn to wield their magic, find out and understand their past so that the world will have a future? Will they learn what it means to be the true Praesidis? To get those answers, and so many more Read Magicus Catonium book one of the Praesidis Series.

I really enjoyed this book, I have a teenage daughter and I can't wait for her to read this adventure. I thought the world building was excellent, the author wove her story together so magnificently, that I could very well see this story turned into a movie. The secondary characters were interesting and fun to read about as well. I couldn't put this book down, I kept finding my mind wandering to where I left off. I had to pick the book up and continue reading to find out what happens next. Really, that's how good it was. The heroines and secondary characters grow so much, in such significant ways in this book. I felt a sense of motherly pride while reading it. Udita Plaha did a wonderful job setting up this series with Magicus Catonium. The ending leaves you with so many questions, that you will be tearing your hair out waiting for the next installment. I can't wait to find out what happens, next on their journey together.

I have to admit, I'm not a big YA fan but I think this book might have turned me into one. I now understand what all the hype is about.

If you want to read an exciting beginning to a series, that I know will be most excellent you should definitely check out Magicus Catonium. I promise you won't be disappointed, I wasn't.

****4 1/2Stars

You can purchase Magicus Catonium at the Online Store

To learn more about Magicus Catonium and the Praesidis Series you can visit the Author's website HERE

Here is an Excerpt from Magicus Catonium


Wind whipped her hair around her face as she stared in shock at the man approaching her cautiously. His footsteps echoed off the wet cobblestone path and bounced off the walls of the darkened alley. Disbelief cast a strange look on the man’s face, along with the dim light of the torches he passed. The look mirrored the one the woman gave him now.

“No. Not you.” Horror darkened the woman’s face and brought out the small crinkles in her forehead.

“I told you to stay away Jenn.” He stopped just before the lamp’s light started; hiding in the shadows.

“Why are you helping him?” Jenn asked, distraught.

“Some things are best left unknown. You know what my orders are, yet you still won’t give up.” The man said quietly. His face was expressionless, but confusion filled his eyes.

“You’re right.” She said coldly. “I know what you’re here for. But this isn’t about me anymore. It’s about what I can do, what I can prevent.” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “I can save us. I won’t let them harm you when I’m done. You have to help me. All you have to do is step away like I was never here.”

“I don’t have a choice in this Jenn. He can-” the man took a step forward. The light shone off something on his neck; a silver collar. “He can do things you’ve never imagined. Just leave before he finds out. I can’t hide you much longer. Soon it’ll wear off and he’ll know you’re here.”

“Look, it’s not about us anymore. There are too many people involved now for this to end happily. Rianne and Ean are in this now too. Stand up to him for once. Fight this hold he has on you. At least for them.”

“I told you I can’t. It’s too late now. There is so much you don’t know. I can’t risk-”

“Is he threatening you?” Jenn scoffed. “If that’s it-”

“No! Jenn I wish it were that simple. Please just turn back. You still have a few minutes.”

“You’re just another coward. Kyaro was strong enough-”

“To get himself killed? I am not a coward. I am not proud of what I have done, I admit. But you have no idea what he can do to a person.” The man’s sounded bitter.

“Is this your way of being noble?” Revulsion filled her voice. “Once he gets what he wants, he won’t spare anyone. And you’re ready to help him destroy everything we once worked for. You betrayed your own children, you abandoned the world, and you lied to me.”

“I have made my decision.” The man waved his hand, and the woman fell over, as if struck by an invisible hand. His voice drained of all emotion, “I will prove to you that I am not a coward. To get to him, you have to go through me. You can defeat me, any day. But I should warn you, I can’t soften my blows. It’s not under my control. Despite that, you have to fight me back; I need you to and so does everyone else.”

“No.” Jenn said quietly. “I can’t believe we ever had anything. I will not fight back. I can’t kill you.” The expression on the man’s face changed to a sorry smile.

“Then there is no other way out. The end is near for the rest of the world, but for you and me; our world can end here. Kre-”

There was a flash of light and the woman disappeared. The man let out a guttural cry, filling the doom-ridden air, haunting the tenants of the village for years to come.

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