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Monday, July 19, 2010

Review: Black Cat by Cat Johnson

Review: Black Cat
Author: Cat Johnson


Lar has existed as a cat for a thousand years, with all the discomforts and indignities that go along with it. But when he is adopted by Belinda and gets a look into her life, can his curse finally be coming to an end?

This was a short but very enjoyable read..
Lar is a warrior, who is injured in a battle and wakes up to find himself in shelter with a strange woman. The woman informs him that she saved his life, and now he owes her. The payment she wants from him is more then he is willing to pay. The woman turns out to be a witch and she curses Lar to be a black cat for a thousand years.
Belinda is in a relationship with Max, she's not happy in her relationship,  because Max is always making her feel insecure, and unworthy around him. Belinda's two best friends Donna and Grace doesn't like Max, and hate the way Belinda has changed since she has been with him. While on a Spa vacation with her two best friends Belinda realizes that her friends are right about how she has changed, and she decides to do something about it. When Belinda returns home she finds Max the way he always is, working odd hours and not paying any attention to her.
Belinda decides to buy herself a cat, so that she won't be so lonely when Max is away on his many business trips with his young assistant. Belinda doesn't realize that the cat she rescues from the shelter is really a man. Lar is attracted to Belinda right away, he does everything in his power to make her want to choose him from the shelter. When he gets home with Belinda, and gets to know her, he finds himself falling in love with her. Lar knows he has to get her cheating boyfriend out the way, and find a way to end his curse if he ever wants a chance with Belinda.
This was a short cute story to read. Lar is the perfect sexy alpha male, up until he gets turned into a cat. Belinda is sassy, but insecure and vulnerable. I thought Lar and her were perfect together, and the chemistry between them was definitely hot. There were also humorous moments in the story between Belinda and her best friends. Lar and the bad boy boyfriend Max also had a humorous scene, when Max set him up to get caught cheating on Belinda.
After reading this story I am very curious about Ms. Johnson's other published works. I will definitely be checking out her other books, because I enjoyed this short story so much. If you want a quick read with memorable characters, and hot passionate sex I am recommending this book for you.
Black Cat
Author: Cat Johnson
Published By: All Romance eBooks, LLC

ISBN # AReFree00024
Word Count: 12,139

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Here is a excerpt from the story..(from All Romance website)

She awoke in her king-sized bed tangled in the sheets and feeling extremely satisfied…and actually, a bit sore. God, she had had one hell of a dream. It must have been a combination of the rum, the thoughts of love spells and those two hunky fireman.

Although, the man starring in her dream last night didn't look like either one of them. This one was a strong, dark haired man with the hard body and muscles of a warrior.

She'd have to tell Grace that her red candle caused extremely vivid sex dreams. She remembered tangling her hands in his long hair, seeing those piercing blue eyes bore into hers as he loved her.

She rolled from her side to her back and smacked into a warm hard body. “Sorry, Black Cat,” she mumbled.

“No problem.” A deep man's voice answered her. Her eyes opened wide. That was not Max's voice. And that was definitely not Black Cat. A scream ripped from her throat, followed by many more.

The man leapt from the bed. Looking down at himself, his face showed as much shock as she felt as he said, “What in the bloody hell…?”

She did take a moment to consider his odd accent as she scrambled from the bed and sprinted for the door, still screaming.


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