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Sunday, August 4, 2013



The Project Eve series, Book 1 
WARNING: Language, violence, and graphic sex. 
A Lyrical Press Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 9781616503475
Length: 74,000 words
Ebook Page Count: 204
Publication Date: January 23, 2012
Price: $5.99

She’s the only one of her kind. And she doesn’t even know her name. 

Two investigators–one human, one vampire–find a young woman among a mass of dead bodies. She has no memories, and nothing but her clothes, two receipts, and a mysterious dagger carved with the initials ‘SB’.

As she seeks her identity, SB realizes she’s unlike any other creature in the world, making her the most valuable person on the planet. And the most wanted. 

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Leaning back in the seat, I gazed out into the night. Tall buildings with bright, glowing lights painted a picturesque scene of the city. The hour must've been late since few cars passed by us on the interstate.
“What city is this?” I asked as the car exited the highway.
Jonas peered at me through the mirror. “Indianapolis.”
I returned my attention out the window, searching for some clue to help me remember. Had I lived here my entire life? Did I have a family here? Where did I live? Did I have a job? I wanted to remember something, anything.
We passed old apartment buildings, fast food joints, and businesses in a rundown area of the city. Exhaust fumes lingered in the air along with the stench of sewage. Ahead, a large monument stood in the middle of the road. I leaned forward between the seats for a better view.
“Does anything look familiar?” Boss asked.
“No,” I replied softly as I scanned the area in search of a memory.
The paved road gave way to bricks and forced a small vibration through the car. Jonas slowed the vehicle as we circled a tall limestone sculpture with statues of soldiers on each side. I tilted my head, looking at the figures and the fountain surrounding the large sculpture. “Nothing looks familiar, but I have a feeling in my gut I've seen these statues before.”
As the car traveled around the monument again, I scanned over the buildings. The businesses, a chocolate shop, Starbucks, and radio station failed to jog any memories.
“Head toward the capital,” Boss said.
Halfway around, Jonas veered down the brick road to a dome-shaped building with a statue in front. The capital, I presumed. Again, a slight sense of awareness stirred within me.
“I think I have been here before,” I said.
“Do you know when?” Boss asked as Jonas turned, passing the statue in front large building.
I leaned back and stared out the side window. “No, I can't quite explain it, but I have a feeling I have been here before.”
We passed by the capital, and I swiveled my head to the front. Boss stared at me from between the seats. The centers of his eyes expanded, giving him a frightening look. A second later, a sharp pain pierced my skull and the ringing in my ears returned louder than a bullhorn.
“Stop it!” I snapped. The ringing grew louder; swallowing all my thoughts and making my teeth ache. I covered my ears and raised my voice. “Stop it, please!”
Clenching his jaw, Boss turned around and leaned back in his seat. “Damn it, there’s nothing there.”
I lowered my hands as the pain in my head ebbed. Half-angry, half-confused, I sat mute. The arrogant prick had tried to invade my mind. Every time one of them looked into my eyes, the annoying sound blared. Did they think I had lied to them about not knowing my name or having memories?
“I know you were trying to get inside my head. I’m not stupid. I’m telling you the truth. I don’t know my name or why I was at the dump. I can’t remember anything.”
Boss turned around and faced me. “You have to remember something in that pea brain of yours. There has to be some memory, childhood youth, first love, school, something.”
Glowering at him, I crossed my arms. “And what did you find in my pea brain?” I fought the urge to punch him.
“Nothing.” He grumbled. “Not a fucking thing.”

The Project Eve series, Book 2 
ISBN: 9781616504137
Length: 100,000 words
ePub pages: 267
Formats: pdf, epub, mobi
Price: $5.99 

Retribution. At any cost. 

Now that she knows her name and what she is, she wants justice for everything she’s lost. Though her memories elude her, she takes a job for a half-demon Senator and, aided by werewolves from a local clan, intends to uncover evidence that will convict the Senator of more than thirty murders.

Getting to the Senator and finding the necessary evidence is more difficult than she anticipates, especially when there is a bounty for her death. If that were not enough, the vampire who stole her memories returns and reveals unexpected truths. But she’s not going to let anything stop her. Not a sadistic assassin or a servant or Lucifer. Not even her ex-lover, the vampire God of the Underworld. Nothing will stop her from claiming retribution...even if the price is her life.

BUY LINKS: Amazon | Lyrical Press | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Lyrical Press


From the main level, I rode an elevator to the basement. As I walked through the tunnel, toward the capital, clusters of government employees passed by. Unlike the other days when I came to work, men and women wore suits and chatted with serious looks on their faces. None of them carried lunch bags in their hands. I wondered if they'd come from a meeting or were going to one.

I reached the elevator to get to the subbasement and hit the button. While I waited for my ride, I scanned the area around me. The empty hall showed no signs of trouble and the voices of those who'd passed recently faded. I breathed in a relieving breath, finding myself alone and safe.

The ding of the elevator alerted me to its presence. The doors opened and a crowd of men and women in professional attire walked out. I stepped aside, staying clear of their path.

“Good evening, Shelley,” said an evil voice from behind me.

Since I had vampire hearing and hadn't heard her approaching, the bitch must have misted to appear near me. My blood boiled with anger. I hated the charmed bracelet on my ankle, preventing me from utilizing my demon and angel abilities.

With my jaw clamped so tight my teeth could've chipped, I glanced over my shoulder. She stood alone and dressed in a red suit.

“I didn't hear you coming,” I said in a rude tone.

Her lips formed a devilish smile. “You won't.”

Heat flamed within me, causing me to perspire. My clothes, damp from my dash through the rain, began to feel even wetter. The demon in me wanted out, wanted to rip her to shreds. Fortunately for her, the angel in me held the demon back.

After a few nods from the people passing, I strode onto the empty elevator. The bitch followed me and stood at the opposite side with her arms crossed. Alone with the Senator, I picked up her demon scent mixed with some other citrus type of perfume. The two odors mixed with the sight of the Senator made my stomach churn.

Once the doors closed, we faced each other. She had a feral look in her eyes, but I felt no fear. I had zero doubt I could kill her with my bare hands. She knew I could too, given she knew I had vampire strength. Her charmed bracelet couldn't freeze all supernatural abilities.

“I'm surprised you decided to show up this evening.” Galluzzi smirked.

I clenched the strap of my purse tighter. She obviously knew about the attack on me at Boss's house. Did she think she could provoke me?

I stepped closer to her and stood a foot from her face, glaring at her. “I'm not easy to get rid of.”

Emotion drained from her face. “No, you're not, but I have my ways.” She lifted her chin, displaying her arrogance. “Setbacks are normal in life, but I always win.”

Sweat trickled down the back of my neck. What would happen if I killed her in the elevator? Every bit of me wanted to see her dead now, instead of hung out in front of the world as a criminal. She deserved far worse. She deserved death.


Mary lives in Indiana and is a lifetime lover of the paranormal, sci-fi, and fantasy. When she's not slaving away at her government job, she is a Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Author. She creates fantastical worlds with vampires, demons, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures. Dive into her books and find action, a dash of mystery, and seductive men with passionate hearts.

The Project Eve series is an urban fantasy series with the first book, The Awakening, and the second, The Quest.

Where to find Mary Abshire:

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(The Soul Catcher series, paranormal erotic romance)
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Set for release in 2013 by Lyrical Press:
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