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Monday, May 20, 2013

New Release Spotlight & Giveaway: BLOOD PROPHECY by. Gabrielle Bisset

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Today I am spotlighting Gabrielle Bisset's new release Blood Prophecy. Its the newest book in her fabulous Sons Of Navarus series. If you haven't read this series you are definitely missing out. Blood Prophecy was an excellent read, and I love the direction that Gabrielle is going with this series. Read to the bottom of this post, because I have a giveaway. Also, I'm posting my review of Blood Prophecy on Thursday, May 23rd. I will be doing a BIGGER giveaway on that day, and if you leave a comment today, you will get a extra entry in the BIG giveaway.

Blood Prophecy: Sons Of Navarus Book 4 


I am everything you fear. I am vampire.

As the two Sons chosen to decipher the Prophecy of Idolas, Ramiel and Thane journey to find the key to defeating the Archons. Together with Noele, a born vampire, they confront their fates as they fulfill their duty to their world. Along the way, they'll find love, but death and betrayal lurk in the shadows, threatening everything dear to them.

Descended from the gods and warriors all, each Son's loyalty will be tested. Every action has consequences, and the choices they make now seal their fates. Alliances as old as the vampire world itself are reforged, and the Sons' duty is clear. Stop the Archons. Or die trying.  

Ramiel slipped back into his room and stood at the window looking back toward the mountains in the distance. His thoughts still on Larissa, he silently let his mind travel across the miles to the cabin they'd shared so many times. He felt her sadness even now and hung his head as the reality of life without her settled into his mind.
By the time he made his way down to Vasilije's study, he hoped the meeting would be finished. He'd grown to dread these meetings when everyone looked to Thane and him and all they could report was the same old bullshit. Things had improved with Kali's arrival, but what did that say about the two of them?
The idea that some vampire who was probably thousands of years old had decided he and Thane should somehow be able to solve some ancient prophecy none of the Order's eggheads had been able to make much headway with pissed him off. It would have been nice if someone had asked them before thrusting this responsibility onto their shoulders. If they had, he would have been glad to tell them to go fuck themselves. This job was meant for someone who knew about those ancient vampires and their tricks, not him.
Opening the door to the study, he saw everyone waiting for him and braced for Vasilije's sharp reprimand. He may not have been the official leader, but he sure as hell was the de facto one since they all got to stay at his house for the time being while they played at saving the world. Instead, he heard nothing. Vasilije and Terek stood near the desk, all smiles with their women and looking like newly married men. Sasa was laughing at something, and Vasilije pulled her close to kiss her while Terek and Ilona shot each other moony-eyed glances.
Jesus Christ. This looks like some deranged version of The Bachelor.
"Sorry I'm late. Something came up."
Vasilije laughed out loud. "In your room?"
"Now that Ramiel is here, let's get going. I'm eager to set out," Thane said, his voice edgier than usual.
The lovebirds took seats near one another while Ramiel found a chair near Sion, whose expressionless face always seemed so calm. Or maybe bored. He could never figure out which. Thane and Dante sat next to one another on the wall, the reason he didn't make an effort to join Thane in the discussion this night. That younger vampire was like nails on a chalkboard, and he wasn't in the mood for his juvenile ribbing tonight. One wrong word from him and he'd take out all his frustrations on that boyish mug.
"Okay, Thane, since you seem to be chomping at the bit tonight, you can take the lead," Vasilije said as he put his arm around Sasa.
"Here's what we know from Nico. Ramiel and I need to find a vampire named Tarquin. He's one like us. The Order believes he lives on a farm in Sicily. The other one we need to find is a girl named Noele. She's five years old and a born vampire."
Thane put an emphasis on the last words—born vampire—but none of the others seemed to understand his intention. Ramiel couldn't blame them, really. It's not like it was their duty to figure out the prophecy and had to spend hours on end working on it. But Sion had spent enough time with them to know the importance of those two words, and Ramiel saw out of the corner of his eye that Thane's meaning had registered with him.
"You don't see why that's important, do you?" Thane asked in a voice tinged with disappointment.
Terek leaned over to say something to Vasilije, Sasa, and Ilona, and they quickly nodded to show their understanding. "Do you really think this is the born vampire you believe is mentioned in the Prophecy of Idolas?" Vasilije asked.
"We're hopeful. And if it is, she may be able to help us find the key we need to figure out the rest of the prophecy."
"A five year old girl is going to do all this?" Dante asked with his usual snideness.
Thane's thin smile showed even his growing impatience with Dante. "We have to at least try. If she isn't the answer, maybe she'll be able to help in some way."
Thane continued on to explain what he and Ramiel had to do and said, "We'll be staying at one of the Order's spies' homes. Nico says this Hadrian will be able to direct us to possible sites where we can find the key, whatever it is. You'll be able to find us there if you need us."
Ramiel sensed Thane's meaning and stood, ready to leave. "Let's just hope it's not a needle in a haystack mission. Wish us luck."
Sasa silently rose and left, and Ramiel saw the sheepish look on her face. He had no real idea what was going on, but he quickly looked over to see if her sire had seen her expression. He seemed more impatient to speak but waited for her to leave. Once she was gone, Vasilije changed the subject quickly. "We'll be doing what we can here while you're gone. Delilah will be using her talents working to spy on the London Archon. Now all we have to do is find a position for Elizabeth."
"I can think of a position perfect for her," Dante said with a devilish grin.
"That position and many others are taken already by another," Thane said without missing a beat.
Rage exploded from Vasilije. Fangs bared, he barked, "What the fuck does that mean? Be a fucking man, Thane, and say what's on your mind."
Before Ramiel knew it, Thane was out of his seat and standing toe-to-toe with Vasilije. Taller by a few inches but much bigger in size than the Romanian, he could tear him to pieces, if he chose. The blazing anger in his eyes told Ramiel he might just do it now. Stepping in behind Thane, he readied himself to pick a side in the fight between them.
"You don't want me to do that, Vasilije. And this time, Terek isn't going to be able to keep you safe."
At the mention of his name, Terek stood and took his place behind his friend. Leaning in next to him, he whispered, "Vasilije, this isn't the time for this. Let it go."
Vasilije stared straight ahead, focused on Thane, whose fangs had lowered, ready for the fight. "Thane doesn't seem to understand who he's fucking dealing with."
"I know exactly who I'm dealing with. A shitty sire."
A deep growl sounded the end of Vasilije's patience, and he swung at Thane, connecting with his jaw. Thane leveled him with a punch that sent Vasilije flying back against the wall, and in seconds, the two men were rolling around on the floor at each other's throats.
"Guys! Guys! What the hell is going on? We're all on the same side here," Dante chimed in, clearly oblivious to what everyone else in the room knew or suspected about Thane's feelings for Sasa.
Ramiel and Terek pulled the two men apart, and as he held Thane back from taking another shot at Vasilije, he saw the door open and Sasa gasp at the scene in front of her. As Thane turned to see her, Ramiel pushed him away toward the side of the room, away from her. "Let it go. This isn't your fight."



I'm a UF/PNR author and my newest releases are Blood Spirit, the third book in my new series Sons of Navarus, and the Sons short stories Longing and The Deepest Cut.

For me, a book does more than just tell a story. It transports readers away from their daily lives to another place where they can be a part of something different than the common and everyday. I'm always so touched when readers tell me they felt like they were a part of the story when they read my books.

When I'm not writing, I can be found reading romance novels but often mysteries, cookbooks, and anything dealing with ancient and medieval history and European history, in general. I also love the outdoors, so I enjoy the wonderful weather Pennsylvania has to offer. I live there with my son and a herd of pets.

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