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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Release Spotlight & Giveaway - Killer Thoughts: A Power Up! Story by. Marie Harte

Hello My Lovelies,

The Fabulous Marie Harte has a new release in her Power Up! Series  with Loose Id. Here is a little about her new book Killer Thoughts.


KILLER THOUGHTS ~ a PowerUp! story
Owen Stallbridge is a powerful psychic who’s done his share of jobs for the government. He’s a millionaire and secret agent trying to segue out of his wet work assignments. The silent partner in the PowerUp! Gym, he normally lets his buddy Jack command the psychics working there. Owen has his hands full running his multimilliondollar empire and trying to keep an eye on Ian Ryder, a forger, a con man, a criminal too sexy for his own good.

But now Owen's life is on the line. An old enemy has returned, and it's up to Owen to handle him before innocents are harmed. He'll need Ian's help to run the enemy down, that's if he can trust the thief. Ian is smart, sexy, and vulnerable--all Owen wants in a partner and all that he desires in a man. But Ian refuses to trust. He won't make it easy for Owen to claim him. With time running out, they have to take a chance on each other if they want to survive the looming danger. And Owen will have to believe in the man who's stolen his heart.


Oh yeah. Give me a nice upper body, rock-hard abs, and muscular thighs any day. Turn around, just a little… Owen turned, and Ian sighed. He raised his head to see that tight ass and broad back. Sure, Owen was a pain, but God, what a body. The eye candy alone almost made the annoyance worth it.


“Ian?” Jack drawled. “I’m still waiting for an explanation.”

Ian swore. “Sh*t, Jack. He’s like a rabid dog. I can’t work under these conditions.” Ian meant it. For the past month, he’d been assisting the authoritative playboy too smart for his own good. A lot of work for little results. “He’s looking for something I can’t find. And if I can’t find it, it doesn’t exist.”

Jack frowned. “Something or someone? I was under the impression he’s hunting a man.”

“Does it matter? Either way, my sources haven’t seen it or him.” Ian sighed. “I haven’t had a day off in weeks.”

“Yeah, four of them. Suck it up, princess. You’re finally going to earn your keep around here.”

Ian tried to look affronted, but Jack didn’t blink. “Oh come on. I do my job.”

“You cause more problems than you’re worth.”

“Hey. I hooked you up with a place to stay on your trip to Germany. I helped you find the love of your life.”

“And you nearly started World War III while I was gone. You f*cked up our filing system. Aidan still wants to rip your head off. Chloe can’t find the extra set of keys I left for her—and don’t deny it; I know you have them somewhere.”


“And let’s talk about the law. Do you know how many times I’ve had to talk down the locals? And how about the Feds still keeping an eye on us? One wrong step and they’ll come down on us like a ton of bricks.”

The temperature in the room seemed to drop several degrees as Jack’s wolflike stare turned even more predatory.

Ian tugged at the collar of his T-shirt. “Now, hold on. Those Feds are permanent. They rotate them. No matter what I do—or allegedly have done—those two are going to stay    until we all die of old age or move.”

“Oh? So stealing Senator Clancy’s crap and selling it back to him for twice what it’s worth was fair game?”

“Please. He’s a thief. And he’s retired,” Ian reminded him. “He stole them in the first place. I was only giving him a taste of his own medicine.” He frowned. “How did you hear about that anyway? I know he didn’t call the cops. And he can’t trace me as the seller.”

“My point is, you can’t keep your nose clean, and it’s a liability I don’t like.” Jack leaned closer to Ian, his eyes like pinpoints of ice.

It took balls, but Ian dared him. “Prove it. Go ahead. See if you—or the law—can make anything stick.”

One lucky commenter will receive a copy of The Lost Locket. The first book in the Power Up! series & a swag pack courtesy of me. just leave a comment with your email address so I can notify you. I will pick a winner March 1st.


I've been writing as far back as I can remember. Interest in the written word, no doubt spawned by my English teacher father, continues to this day. I'm a voracious reader, gobbling everything from romance to horror to fantasy and more. I'm in love with the art of putting pen to paper...so to speak.

I majored in English from Penn State University, earning a B.A. in Liberal Arts, as well as a commission in the United States Marine Corps. Five years later, after serving as a communications officer, I left the service to focus more on family. After going through an assortment of jobs--the Marine Corps Reserve, a government contracted agency as an IT representative, a middle manager for a Fortune 500 transportation company--I stopped working to raise two new additions to the family--my youngest sons. During this period, I decided to stop dreaming and start seriously writing.

In December of 2004 my first story was published, and I haven't looked back since.  I currently have over sixty titles with Carina Press, Ellora's Cave, Loose Id, Samhain, and Total E-Bound.

I've received several awards to include: the 2005 Passionate Plume for Scifi/fantasy romance, the 2006 Amber Quill Heat Wave contest winner, 1st Place in Steamy Erotic romance for the 2006 Lories, finalist in the 2007 Linda Howard Award of Excellence, finalist in the 2008 Reveal Your Inner Vixen MRWA contest, and finalist in the 2012 Reveal Your Inner Vixen MRWA contest.



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