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Friday, August 3, 2012

Virtual Book Tour & Giveaway - Aphrodite Calling (Gods Of Love Book 2) - By. Jennifer Lynne

Title: Aphrodite Calling
Author: Jennifer Lynne
Published: June 21, 2012
Reviewer: Tawania


A woman with a secret past

Gina Deveraux is forced to confront her painful past when she attends a high school reunion. Born with male genitalia, she spent her childhood and teen years living as a boy, and has only now returned in an effort to put the past behind her so she can begin to live life without the continuing fear of loneliness and rejection.

A god of sexual desire on the edge of burnout

Himeros is one of the erotes, an aspect of Eros, and as such it is his duty to answer the call of sexual desire whenever a human needs him. But he has been living among mortals too long and his interest has waned. When he decides to accept one last call he finds a woman who is unique. A woman who encapsulates the whole human experience in her body, and her soul. Has he finally found the one with whom even a god of desire could find fulfillment?

After all, forever is such a long time to be alone.


I didn't really know what to expect from this book after reading the blurb, but I am happy to say it was a fascinating read. It's a short read, but the author did a fantastic job drawing you in and not letting you go. The characters are unforgettable, and the emotions felt completely real.

I haven't had the chance to read book one in this series, but I am definitely going to read it now. The series follows the Greek Gods of Love, and Aphrodite Calling is centered on Himeros the God of Sexual Desire, and let me tell you he is Hot Hot Hot!...  Now to the review.

Gina a transsexual formally known a Gerry is attending her high school reunion. This is the first time her old classmates have seen her as a full woman. Gina is already nervous, and then she has a run in with her former nemesis Maris. Gina frantically tries to think of a way to shut Maris down, So she tells a little white lie. She claims that the the stunningly handsome man at the bar is her fiance. Gina has no idea that he is the Greek God Himeros, or that he wants her.

Himeros hears the silent call coming from Gina's heart, and rides in to rescue her, and put all of her judgemental classmates in their place. (It was brilliant) He then whisk Gina away for a night of hot passion that neither will ever be able to forget. Himeros sees a kindred soul in Gina, they are both suffering from loneliness. He thinks no one will see him for who he really is, but Gina does because she has been there. Neither one of them think that they will ever find someone who will truly understand them, and can fill the void inside. That they find each other, and each offers acceptance of who they truly are, makes this story very endearing.

This story was truly beautiful, even though it was short you feel all the emotion, and passion behind the characters. The way the author gets in Gina's head, you feel her heartache, and her loneliness from her teen years to the present. It was a excellent job by the author in my opinion. Her character had so much depth you couldn't help but feel what she felt, I felt like I was walking the road with her.

Himeros is everything you would expect in a god, blatant sexuality, gorgeous, and a to die for body. I liked how he was so in tuned to Gina. In most books you read involving gods, they are always self absorbed and stuck up. He was not like that at all, and the way he treated Gina definitely gave him endearing qualities. You wouldn't think that a God would actually need someone to be happy. The sex scenes were so hot, I thought my eyes would melt. The author definitely had me needing a cold glass of water and a fan. They were very well done.

Aphrodite Calling was a treat to read, and I can't wait to see what Ms. Lynne has in store for us with the next book in the series. I will definitely be picking it up.

*****5 STARS!


She felt the zipper on the back of her dress begin to wend its way down her spine, and her breath caught when the warmth of a fingertip followed in its wake, urging the edges of her dress to slither away with greater ease until the material pooled at her hips. Then his lips were against her skin, branding her with heat, just at that dip where her neck melted into shoulder.

Gina let out a shuddering breath, one she hadn't even known she was holding, and arched her head to one side to allow him better access. So hard to think straight, when his hands were spanning her waist like that, caressing the edge of her ribs. When his lips and tongue were doing the most incredible things up the line of her neck to nuzzle in such an intimate manner at her earlobe.

"Himeros," she whispered, as her knees threatened to buckle at the heat and the heaviness between her legs. And it felt different, this time, from what she remembered of past encounters. It wasn't just centered in her groin, that familiar feeling of an impending explosion. It was her pussy that was hot and heavy, and aching to be stroked, yes, but she also felt the ache throughout her whole body, like a stream of spreading warmth. She hadn't realized it could feel this...damn...good!

She reached back to find his hips and pull him closer in against her, wanting to share this new found sensation of desire.

"I do desire you," he growled in her ear. "So much."

"I know," she said, emboldened by these new feelings, wiggling her ass against the rock-hard core of him. "I can feel how much you want it. Me."

As she turned in his arms, she caught the momentary grin that lit his features before his mouth swept down to claim hers. And if she'd thought the sensations before were unique, they were as nothing to the onslaught that swept through her when his lips and tongue forced their way in to brand her with his essence. The power behind his kiss was so intense she couldn't even respond, other than to let out a moan that he swallowed then continued on.

Demanding more.



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Jennifer Lynne writes sensual and erotic romance from her home in Melbourne, Australia. She is the author of paranormal erotic romance Pandora's Gift, contemporary romance Seducing Serena in Secrets Volume 28 Sensual Cravings, both published by Red Sage, and Educating Ethan from Breathless Press. The first novella in her Gods of Love series, Platinum Passion, (released December 2011) was a Best Book of 2011 nominee in GLBT Fantasy Romance at The Romance Reviews.

Jen loves her family, good coffee, red wine, and sitting by a cozy log fire watching the misty rain outside turn everything fresh and green. She hopes her tales of love and lust continue to excite readers, and her dream is to one day be able to write full-time.


  1. Thanks so much for hosting me today, Tawania, and for that lovely review :)

  2. Great excerpt. I'm adding it to my TGR list.

    1. Hi Cynthia
      Thanks so much for stopping by to comment! Hope you enjoy Aphrodite Calling when you get to it :)

  3. Hi Jennifer, Sorry to see the last day of your tour arrive. It has been fun getting to know you and your work.

    Thanks for a really hot excerpt and this wonderful review too.

    kareninnc at gmail dot com

    1. Hi Karen
      Thank you for stopping by today, and for following the tour during the week. I've thoroughly enjoyed it, too, and I wish it was going on for another week!

  4. It really sounds intriguing...best of luck with the release!


    1. Thank you! I know you've stopped by a couple of times on the tour and I really appreciate that :)

  5. I read Platinum Passion--it's a great story and very hot! So I had to read this one. It's an intriguing story, lovely and sweet, and also very hot!
    Can't wait for the third one! ;)

    1. Hi Chellesie
      Thanks for visiting, and for your comments about both Platinum Passion and Aphrodite Calling. I'm working on the third, though I'm getting married next week so there may be a bit of a break before I knuckle down and finish Gods of Love #3! :)

  6. Hi, Jennifer! I've loved following your tour! I wish you nothing but success with your wonderful story!


    1. Hi Chelsea
      I really appreciate that you've followed the tour and I thank you for your lovely comments along the way :)

  7. Himeros...what kind of voice do you hear him speaking with? When he isn't growling, of course.

    1. I hear the voice of Himeros as deep and sultry, something that flows over you like warm chocolate sauce - delicious and decadent :)

      Thanks for stopping by to say hi, Amber!

  8. What a vivid review of the sex scenes...You thought your eyes might melt?? Intriguing. Sounds yummy.
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

    1. Hi Catherine
      Thanks for your comment! I liked that particular sentence in the review, too :)

  9. Very nice review and excerpt.


    1. Hi bn,
      Thank you for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed the excerpt.

  10. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated in this week's review tour for Aphrodite Calling - the organiser, Goddess Fish, all of my lovely hosts, and of course, everyone who commented. I’ve had a wonderful time meeting and chatting with fellow book lovers. I hope we can keep in touch via Twitter, Facebook or at my own blog.

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  11. This sounds very enjoyable.



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